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A Big Thanks To My Enemy – Blogger Of The Year || Abishiekh Jain ||

The Title may sound little weird but this is what the Blogger of the year has to say to his enemy!

Team All India Blogging recently had a conversation with a 16-year-old guy who is creating wonders in technology out there. By looking at the achievements of this guy at this age we couldn’t stop ourselves posting an article about him.

So let’s get an insight of Abhishek’s Life.

We Asked some Questions:-

When, Why & How it Started?

” I was in 6th standard and I didn’t know anything about online markets. I didn’t even know how to download an app from play store or how to copy paste. I was such a low at that time and I hated computer a lot. I was the type of a nerd boy who was always into books. I hated computers stuff and all gadget related things! I still remember I was in 6th grade! I went to school and we were having some discussion, suddenly the topic computers and hacking came, a friend of mine started boasting about himself in front of girls (still he doesn’t know hacking nor programming) about hacking and all and started insulting me saying that I can’t do anything in the field of computers or hacking. He said go home, will hack all your accounts.”

The reason behind learning Hacking and all Computer’s stuff?

” After this incident in school I was scared and was not able to concentrate on anything, he didn’t hack as he didn’t knew how to! Next day I asked him why didn’t you do it? He said I felt pity for you! That same day I went to my home, turned on my computer for the first time and I started learning about these things. You know, it took me 30-45 minutes to create my first Gmail account. And from that time, I started googling about programming and hacking stuff! Learnt programming and hacking online without spending any time, spent 7-8 hours in front of computer everyday!, sacrificing my sleep . I learned till 8th standard but no one in school knew who I am. Then one day, I informed a page on Facebook with respect to work along with them and later, after they made some inquiries, hired me as an editor. I was initially rejected by 18 Facebook pages before the 19th one hired me. I was working on their page writing articles for free for approximately a year, because I didn’t know that I could earn money online.”

How Hacker’s Den Started?

“After I knew that i can earn online I started my own page Hackers Den on May 10, 2014. Though, I left that facebook page because I didn’t have the time to post on their page. I didn’t have money at that time, I wasn’t earning, and I didn’t have the guts to ask my father for money for the online things. I created a website in blogger with a free blogspot domain and then shifting to a .tk domain (the name was really very weird it was, perhaps so small gradually Hackers Den page received so much love from the people. I later moved it to a custom domain”

Describe Your Journey and Success till now?

“There were lot of ups and downs in my journey. To cover up in a nutshell, A boy who knew absolutely nothing about computers, who hated it, who did not even knew how to download an app from play store, now owning a site which is loved by many! which is visited by 1000’s everyday! Which is being featured at The Huffington Post And at the Harvard University! I was recently at Google Office, and got many online interviews and an audio interview in USA blog talk radio show! A Big Thanks to My enemy (who is still studying with me), if he hadn’t said something on that day to me, I wouldn’t where I am today.”

What were the Negative Comments that You Faced?

“There are many as – u cannot do it, this isn’t cup of your tea, you are faking, you are kid, what you know about programming? You got nothing to do in this world and much more! But thanks to all my haters, who helped me to prove them wrong! Thank god I didn’t hear any of them and just concentrated and believed in what am doing

And now all those haters started talking about my success, started praising me! Welcome to the cruel world

What are the proudest moments for you?

“There were many proud moments, like when I earned my first dime, I was really proud, then when I was at Google Office for a meet because of Hackers Den another proud moment, was at Delhi for Blogx event where I got blogger of the year, and even a personal meeting invited by Mr Imran Uddin, when I was featured at The Huffington Post, wittyfeed, and even at USA blog talk radio show and even Harvard University, were great moments, plus the online interviews! Every thing, but the biggest one is when my relatives appreciate my work and share it to my parents and my parents get the most delighted smile ever!”

“But I have got a priceless moment till now which is I was about to leave to my house from somewhere and I was hiring a auto, but suddenly realized that I have just 10 rs in my pocket!

Thank God just had 10rs or else I would have missed that moment!

So I took a bus and was traveling back to my house. There were two teenagers sitting in the bus and they were talking and browsing on their phone simultaneously

That’s where the catch, I found the logo of my site in one of the teenager’s phone and was curious, so went beside him and stood!

It was my website open on his phone, he was talking about some random things and even said “This website is awesome buddy, I recently wanted some Facebook tricks and I landed upon this website, and this website compiled almost every trick, so no need of going to other website and it’s very easy and explained elaborately!”
I was like  Even I saw two more tabs opened on his phone and were displaying my posts! That was really a proud moment!

But unfortunately my stop came and I could not hear much what they were saying! But that was the greatest moment of all time! I really felt on the 7th sky, that people love my posts, they visit my site and they even praise, even criticize! ”

How do you Manage Studies?

“That’s the biggest problem am still facing to manage studies and Hackers Den it’s very hard to manage your online stuff and studies, it’s very hectic, but I somehow manage it. There is no specific time for me to work or study. But I would like to suggest everyone to set a timetable and work accordingly, so you can complete your chores! Many people ask me you have school and all stuff, but still you find time and make money online, how? Simple answer: Focus on high priority tasks rather than low priority”


What is Your Aim?

“My aim is to make Hackers Den one of the biggest technology site of India, and even start a company under it, incorporating many other projects, software under the name of Hackers Den, and bring a revolution I love this quote of mine :-: I am born to employ and not to get employed I want the people of India to be tech savvy and make India truly digital!”

What Quotes/Sayings You believe?

I believe in hard work, persistence, confidence, patience, failure, criticism, rejections and then success.
But this quote helps me a lot when I think about quitting! When you think of quitting think why you started? Here are some of the quotes by me which will feel u inspired:

Your dream will only be a dream if you only dream!

It takes time for a good fruit to grow unless you add fertilizers into it!

Just by calling yourself an entrepreneur, doesn’t really make you one!

What is Your Parents Reaction?

My parent’s reaction, umm actually they still don’t know what exactly am doing, but they have got some idea that I have a blog, from where I am generating money!
Well, that’s it about Abishiekh. At Last, we need to say that Abishiekh proved the saying “Age is just a Number”
Team All India Blogging wishes you more fruits of Success in Future.

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