Sunday, August 25, 2019

This 14 year boy is the Youngest Tech YouTuber from India (Ronit Singh)

“People kept discouraging me by saying  you are too young to do this”- Ronit Singh

Team All India Blogging Recently had a conversation with Ronit Singh who is just 14 years old and the Youngest Tech Youtuber from India with over 2k+ subscribers on Youtube.

Ronit always had a passion for technology from childhood. He Unboxed and reviewed each and every gadget he had and did ‘hands on’ with the device and would publish the same on his website “”.

He started watching tech videos on YouTube he was so inspired that one day finally he started his own YouTube channel on November 16 2015 .
At start people kept criticizing him but he kept ignoring them and kept the good work going on!

Later he started getting subscribers and people started loving his videos he got the comments like ‘You Can Do Marvels’

He ignored the negative comments and was always motivated by the positive comments.

He mentioned that getting views and subscribers was very difficult but every good thing is worth the wait.

After seeing his work small companies started contacting him and sponsored him for their products to do the review and unboxing.

We asked Ronit will he do the paid and biased reviews?
His answer was straight forward No. and to do the Honest reviews always.

Ronit’s message to all the Readers –

I try my best to make the video as good as possible and cover all the points. I currently have just over 2000 subscribers and I hope to get at least 100K subscribers in the future. With your support I can reach that milestone really soon. I will appreciate if you could visit my channel, subscribe and also leave some feedback on my videos.

Well That’s it about Ronit.

He really proved that “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER”

His YouTube Channel –
His Facebook Id-


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