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The Picture to Prove You Have a Dirty Mind | AIB

The picture shows a bed and a headboard while being viewed correctly, it has gone viral on Chinese-language websites attracting many comments. A Facebook user said a female boss of a bedding company sent it to him. He said it had made him feel nervous at first, but it was sent by mistake.
It is important to take a picture from the right angle. It is even more important to send a picture in the right angle. A photo of a bed, which has been sent upside down by accident, has titillated the minds of many internet users. More embarrassingly, the picture had been sent to a male customer by the female boss of a bedding company to showcase her new products, claimed a Facebook user who uploaded the image.
The picture was posted by a web user named ‘Hua Song’ to Facebook group Baoxiao Commune on November 8. The user, believed to be from Taiwan, claimed in his post that he had wanted to buy a new bedding set the day before. The boss of the bedding company, who was female, took a picture of her products and sent it to him.The man said he became ‘nervous and sweaty’ after seeing the picture, which resembled the privates parts of a woman.

He said: ‘She even asked me whether or not I was satisfied with the colour. ‘Then I realised the female boss had sent me the picture upside down.’ The picture, while being viewed correctly, shows part of a bed and a decorative headboard.
The post immediately drew attention from other Facebook users, who expressed their opinions under the topic.Many people were also shocked at a glance, such as ‘Sunya Shiue’ who said: ‘It’s so embarrassing. I’m sweating too.’ While ‘Lin Jundong’ agreed: ‘It has got me to think dirty too.’

‘Fang-yi Fan’ joke on the boss’s photography skills: ‘All I can say is she knew how to take pictures in the right angle.’
Other Facebook users have given imaginative comments to the picture. ‘Ader Huang’ suggested: ‘Coming from the female boss: “Ah, sorry, I sent the picture to the wrong person, it was meant for the Spiderman.”‘

Some other people, however, believed that the boss had sent the picture upside down on purpose.
‘ManShing Wong’ claimed ‘the female boss did this deliberately’ while another user ‘Lin Shiqun’ joked ‘the female boss’s lace was so unique’. ‘Jennifer Lu’ blamed the wall for the misunderstanding: ‘It is the fault of the skin-colored wall.’

The topic was later shared by many Taiwanese media, such as chinatimes.com and twgreatdaily.com.

It has also caused a storm on the social media of mainland China.

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