Saturday, September 21, 2019

People thought this python had swallowed an animal but this is what they found when they cut it open

Recently, a thrilling video from National Geographic and BBC Earth had gone viral in which an iguna was being chased by a den of snakes and the way the iguana scored a save was brilliant and enough to give you chills through your spine. But if you thought that was enough, guess what happened in Nigeria.
Locals thought a giant snake had eaten a calf and they decided to kill it to cut it open. But no, the reptile hadn’t eaten any animal, it was, in fact, pregnant with over 50 snakes, reported The Sun. According to local media, villagers believed the snake had eaten a farmer’s livestock as they saw its swollen belly. But they were in for a shock when they found slimy pink coloured eggs inside the stomach.
However, reportedly, in a shocking move, the villagers didn’t throw the eggs away. Instead, they harvested it because apparently it’s a rare delicacy in the region.
According to reports, it was an African rock python which can grow up to 24ft-long and feeds on large-sized animals. They don’t gulp down their prey but kill them by constriction.
The report has gone viral on social media and people have mixed reactions on the killing. While some said that the villagers should not have killed the python, some were of the view that it happened for the good as it prevented the birth of other dangerous snakes.

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