Review: Star Wars Battlefront II is Grand and Limited | AIB

Star Wars is one of the most beloved and admired film franchises around the world, which has managed to grow thanks to hundreds of books, comics, series, and video games, and continues its expansion with Star Wars Battlefront II, a title of EA that seeks to cover the space between Episode VI and VII. ElectronicArts tries to redeem itself from the not so good reception that Star Wars Battlefront had two years ago with a sequel that includes a story mode, spaceships fights, and a reshaped multiplayer mode to resemble its franchise that fans desired more than 12 years.

Thirty years passed between the events of Episode VI and VII; the First Order emerged from the ashes of the Empire, and Leia Organa abandoned her title of Princess to become General of the Resistance and return to battle against the wicked. But if you wonder what happened between these two films, you can live it on StarWarsBattlefront II in the role of Commander in Inferno Squadron.

In charge of the Inferno Squadron, you must enter Endor to defend the generator of the shield that is protecting the Death Star, but, as the story is already written, the Death Star falls with the Emperor. After a couple of missions Order 66 style, you'll start to wonder if the Empire is truly the answer, getting to change sides and join the Resistance, where you fight next to great characters like Leia, Han, Lando, among others.

If I were asked to name the development and creation of Story Mode for Star Wars Battlefront II, it would be easy to summarize it by saying that it is RogueOne made in a video game. It has just the exact amount of action, stealth, romance and mystery that characterized the delivery of the big screen. The growth of the characters and their interactions with the great heroes is worthy of the franchise that so many have admired for years.

And not only the story follows the same steps as the franchise, but it is also accompanied by a grand musical arrangement that resembles the great work created by the composer John Williams, who has been present in every film to create a great musical atmosphere. In addition to this, you can enjoy great classics within the game that will mesmerize the fans of the franchise.

And to end with the great successes of the title, ElectronicArts also complements the great atmosphere with some graphics that will make you believe that you are in the movies, visiting places from Endor to the MazKanata canteen. But not only did they show off in the creation of the levels, but also the characters follow very similarly what we have seen on the screen. Except for the small creative freedom that they have taken as they get older and present a perfect image of what could be a Han Solo or Luke 10 or 20 years before the events of Episode VII.

Here it comes much to surprise because of the significant problems that EA has displayed with its Frostbite engine, which has not been well stopped in titles such as FIFA, MassEffect: Andromeda, etc ..., but it shows that they could not fail in such an outstanding franchise as is Star Wars.

Unfortunately, not all is good news for EA as it fails to integrate all the aspects that Battlefront fans expected for this release, and this mainly affects the multiplayer mode. Among the main changes, we see the return of fights in spaceships, a restructuring of the Heroes system, and the introduction of a progressive system that has not pleased everyone due to the use of microtransactions.

Until now, EA had closely followed the steps of the CoD franchise in several aspects, including the new multiplayer modes, but reaching this point is completely derailed. Assault mode, which is the primary multiplayer mode, is to make a series of objectives to achieve victory over the opposing team. But it quickly sinks to become incredibly repetitive due to the repetition of game modes and the maps contain several points in which the defenders obtain a great advantage due to the bad design of the maps. In addition to this, the class system does not get a big change within the games, and the mode of progress is almost nonexistent since it asks for a certain number of assassinations per weapon instead of experience by levels.

As for the other game modes, despite marking the return of one and trying to get close with fans of another, they are extremely affected by the system of microtransactions that EA introduced in this edition to get rid of the DLC of pay. Although the return of the aerial fights feels bland by itself because there is no agility and fluidity like the Battlefront II of 12 years ago, the entrance of the microtransactions makes it even more unbearable. Facing players with advantages of 20% more damage, 25% more life, and better mobility only because it obtained improvements through microtransactions, is something merely unimaginable considering that the game already has a cost of USD 60.

Star Wars Battlefront II: Keep Playing or Keep Paying?

The implementation of loot boxes in this game is merely a complete disaster, where the planning of EA and its high experience in economic models to sustain a game disappear entirely and mess up in this installment. I am not against the use of microtransactions, but the way in which it was implemented in this title manages to convert it, to a certain extent, into a Pay-To-Win.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a great game as long as you stay stupefied by the grand construction that EA achieved in the Story Mode, but once the 6-7 hours have passed, you'll have to dive into the multiplayer modes if you want to get the most out of them. You paid USD 60 for the title, and I assure you that you will not find another place as full of evil and vileness as it is the multiplayer mode of Star Wars Battlefront II.

So if you are enthusiasts of the franchise, the only reason why you have to buy this title is the story mode, and you will have to treat the multiplayer mode as an extra or just do not take it. If you want to give it a try, but you are warned that it is not recommended and it only remains to tell you that the force is with you.

Star Wars is one of the most beloved and admired film franchises around the world, which has managed to grow thanks to hundreds of books...

Engineering Exams in India: Scope, Career, and Future | AIB

Engineering is a term often underestimated by a majority of the Indian Society due to lack of job opportunities and increase in unemployed engineering graduates. But we fail to notice how crucial a role they possess in architecting the current Economic Scenario in India. Approximately 80% of the business sector is directly dependent on Engineering services, transport, equipment's, capital goods and you name what not. Even though there is a hardwired conviction that Engineering graduates in India will stay unemployed no matter what, the number of candidates opting to engineer as a field of study raises exponentially. Dreams of getting into IIT’s, NIT’s and the other prestigious Institutes has to be dealt by clearing one of the hardest and highly competitive Entrance Exams in India the JEE Mains

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Examination, and its score is the benchmark for admitting students in any of the engineering institutes in India. Over 1 lakh students write this exam hoping to be an engineer one day. This pattern of Increasing demand for engineering seats can be the primary reason for unemployment in India in the Engineering sector as it is still underdeveloped. The demand is exponentially Increasing while the Facilities remain unaltered to the promising changes offered by it.

JEE Main test taker numbers have gone up, and 2018 exam centers have increased drastically as compared to 2017. The number of test centers has gone up to 258 centers (inclusive of centers abroad) in comparison to 113 in 2017. This Indicates the passion of students towards Engineering. The Mode of Exam can be opted either as Pen Paper-based or Online as per the candidate’s requirements. There are two sets of paper, Paper 1 (Engineering) and Paper 2 (Architecture). Paper 1 is of 3 hours’ duration containing 90 objective questions with equal weight to Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and the maximum marks are 360. Each question is allotted 4 marks for a correct response, and 1\4 marks will be deducted for Indicating wrong answers. Even though JEE is the most important National Level exam, there are state Level and University Level Engineering Entrance Examinations as well for admitting students in the respective engineering colleges of that particular state. Some of the other famous Engineering Entrance Examinations are LPUSAT, BITSAT, KEAM, COMEDK, UPTU, etc.

Uttar Pradesh with its largest population of class XII pass-outs stands to be the successor state in the race to IITs and NITs. The number of students in IITs, NITs, and IIITs from UP in the academic year 2016-17 is over Four Thousand One hundred and twenty (4120). Such a high competition always forces the non- qualifying candidates from UP to settle for State Level Universities. Candidates from UP also opt to write the Uttar Pradesh State Entrance or UPTU Examination which is also known as UPSEE (Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Exam) conducted for students who want to get into Degree Level Engineering as well as Professional Colleges affiliated to AKTU. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), Uttar Pradesh is the primary authority which monitors the AKTU/UPTU 2018 Entrance exam. Admissions to many UG and PG courses are provided on the merit basis depending on the scores obtained in UPSEE.

The examination of UPSEE will be conducted for 11 papers depending on the type, of course, a candidate opt. Paper-1, 2, 3 will contain 150 questions; Paper-5, 6, 7, 8 will contain 75 questions and Paper-9, 10, 11 and 12 will have total 100 questions each. Paper-4 will have 50 questions each of Mathematics & Aesthetic Sensitivity with a total of 100 questions and 2 questions from Drawing Aptitude. Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3, and Paper-4 are the OMR based paper while rest of the papers are Computer Based Tests (CBT). 

The exam is for 3 hours; Candidate will receive 4 marks for each correct answer, no mark (s) will be deducted for any of the wrong response marked by the candidate. The Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/Biology subjects of paper-1 (B. Tech./B. Tech. Agriculture Engineering) and paper-2 (B. Tech. Bio-Technology) typically comprising the crucial topics of the 11th and 12th standard.

There are around 910 Universities which gives admissions to the candidates based on the UPTU Scores so getting into an Engineering College Shouldn’t be the primary concern of a candidate but to secure admittance in a reputable University should be the key goal that has to be kept in mind. Even when there is less number of opportunities for engineers in India, there are relatively a large number of students securing prominent jobs in the most renowned companies. So every engineering aspirant should keep in their mind that your effort defines your success. Stay curious, learn stuff apart from your syllabus, hone your skills and be industry ready.

Engineering is a term often underestimated by a majority of the Indian Society due to lack of job opportunities and increase in unemploy...

How to Stop the Impostors Affecting Your Career | AIB

Impostors like to make a grand entrance to meetings, but action rarely follows their words. Nevertheless, they make it through working life - sometimes even highly successful. No problem as long as your career does not suffer. If you do, you should do something about it.

If your colleague presents one big idea after the other and then gets stuck with the work on others, then you're dealing with an impostor. They are masters of self-marketing, not always completely honest, and sometimes they do it with a minimal effort to the pretty top. So, we are listing out five signs that you are dealing with an impostor and how you can react to it:

1. Master of the subjunctive!

We should / we could: The impostors bring suggestions and ideas in such a way that it flourishes as little work as possible. Of course, not everyone who presents an insight to the team in a reserved and cautious manner is an impostor. But with the impostor, you can be sure that he does not act on his own after phrases like "In this area, we could get involved."

You can do that: Respond immediately and take him into the duty: "Great idea! Would you like to gather some data and see what would be possible? "

2. Your laurels are my laurels!

A good impostor prefers successes as his. Of course, a skillful impostor does not do this in front of a team, but in between when meeting with the boss: a brief remark on the way to the car or in the lift is enough for him to secure his position.

You can do that: Jump over your shadow and also bring successes up regularly. Either in an official setting or you do it like your impostor colleague, and in between times you think that your project went very well.

3. Please, no questions!

The impostor knows everything and also knows everyone. In discussions, therefore he will not try to mention that he already worked on a very similar project five years ago or has contacts with city politics. In fact, it was not his project, but that of his neighbor in the office, and the contact is only a friend of his sister's husband, whom he once met.

That's what you can do: If colleague blows whiskers over and over again, just hack each time. Ask specialist questions or ask if he does not even want to introduce you to his valuable contacts or if you would like to get on board for cooperation.

4. Changing opinions!

The impostor will keep changing his mind, though, on an ongoing basis and depend on which approach gives him benefits at the moment. In the circle of colleagues, he is against the new office furniture, before the boss then suddenly for it. Yesterday the project was still doomed to failure, today suddenly a terrific idea. The constant change of direction is troublesome for all concerned, and one never knows what one can expect from an impostor.

You can do that: Observe in which direction the impostor's mind is developing and if you or your work are affected: Inquiring and understanding where the sudden change of direction is. If there is a plausible reason, the impostor can justify it.

5. Big Ego!

Impostor is charming and often give generous compliments. They appear charismatic and know how to get others on their side. "You are simply unbeatable in creating presentations. Can you take a look at my mine and perhaps improve it? " Can you refuse someone a favor that has just sprinkled flowers on you?

What can you do: a serious compliment or targeted slime? Listen carefully if the impostor flatters you. The fine art here: Do not be paranoid, because even whiskers sometimes distribute serious compliments.

Impostors like to make a grand entrance to meetings, but action rarely follows their words. Nevertheless, they make it through working l...

Top 10 Best Tech Gadgets and Devices of 2017 | AIB

Tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others are evenly finding new ways to improve their products, either with new hardware designs, software enhancements or even solely new products that we could not even imagine.

Regarding gadgets and appliances, 2017 was a year of many changes. And thinking about it, AIB created a list in which we elect the top 10 electronic devices this year that it's almost over. Check it below.

1. Nintendo Switch!

Since the development of the first video game consoles, players had to choose between games in front of a TV or holding a tiny screen in hands. But things are not well with the Nintendo Switch, the first console that is designed for entertainment at home and on the street.

The switch consists of a tablet with a screen 6.2 inches with slots for attaching the controllers Joy-Con on each side, turning it into a mobile game console, when you are at home you can slide the tablet in a dock that fits into your TV and run it like a traditional console.

This approach of "playing anywhere and anytime," combined with a list of fantastic games such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, makes Switch a real success in the gamer world.

2. Xbox One X!

If you are not convinced that the days of buying big and bulky consoles to get the best gaming performance ceased. I think the Xbox One X. The newest console from Microsoft includes incredible six teraflops and support games in native 4K, all within an elegant package.

All these attributes make the console of choice for players who want the performance and also want a lower price than a gamer PC high performance.

3. DJI Spark!

The DJI drone is a big step toward becoming the most accessible and most convenient drones for ordinary users. The appeal highlighted by the spark that it does not require a remote control for navigation. To control it, just touch the button on the back of the drone twice, and prepare it to get out of the palm of your hand.

Of course, the Spark does not always work perfectly, but its size and simplicity are significant differentials.

4. Amazon Echo! 

Virtual assistants like Siri have been around for a few years, but they only began to stand out to the first Amazon Echo launched in 2014. Three years later, the successor of the original Amazon Echo improves the first release of many essential behaviors. The design is shorter and more attractive, the improved speaker includes a woofer and tweeter and, most importantly, is noticeably cheaper.

All these improvements should help keep Amazon at the top of the smart devices for voice-controlled market compared to rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

5. Apple iPhone X!

We know, it is costly. And yes, you probably will not get your hands on one soon. Still, the facial recognition system, iPhone X undoubtedly define a new standard for the phones. The system Face ID Apple is now being used more creatively than facial identification technology from third-party Samsung.

This, combined with a sharp camera, long battery life, and large screen, make the Apple iPhone a top choice X to any other in the smartphone market.

6. Microsoft Surface Laptop!

Between its light and elegant design, refined screen, and durable battery, Laptop Surface is a solid choice for those looking for a new windows computer.

Owning the Windows 10, Microsoft is mostly trying to bring Windows machines what Google did for Chromebooks. It makes the easiest software to enable faster performance and better security. Fortunately, for those who find the Windows 10 S too restrictive, can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro in Surface Laptop for free for a limited time.

7. Samsung Galaxy S8!

Samsung's Galaxy smartphones have set the standard for smartphones in 2017. Maybe it was not the first phone with an almost borderless screen, but the uniquely curved display Galaxy S8 indeed become the most attractive phone of the year.

Not to mention its OLED display, which is best you could find on a mobile phone. Samsung also made a great effort to simplify the phone software.

8. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) Classic!

The SNES Classic comes loaded with 21 retro titles, including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Past, Donkey Kong Country and the original Star Fox 2.

Everything from the games to the way the controls sit on your hands is just as in the 1990s. In October, according to research company NPD, it was almost impossible to find some on sale since the launch in September.

9. Sony Alpha III A7R!

Owning notable improvements over its predecessor and a lower price than the Sony Alpha A9, the new Sony Alpha A7R III  is one of the best mirrorless cameras that already made and with a very affordable price.

The device can shoot at twice the resolution of the A9 and an autofocus twice faster than A7R II, although the A9 offers a faster burst shooting. Still, the lowest price and the highest performance are probably more than enough to impress professional and novice photographers.

10. Apple Watch 3!

Finally, the last smartwatch of Apple lastly allows you to leave your phone at home. By owning the technology LTE, you can receive calls and texts on the wrist even when your phone is out of reach. The Apple Watch the third generation also has a faster processor and a new barometric altimeter to measure activities.

The Apple Watch is not intended to replace your phone, but the freedom to leave your phone at home when you go for a walk or run, it can be enough to persuade skeptics that Apple Watch worth it.

So, are you interested in any of the products listed above? You can find a lot of them in the leading electronics stores in India, both physical and online, but never forget to search the prices when doing Christmas shopping this year.

Tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others are evenly finding new ways to improve their products, either with new hardwar...

ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro Review: Selfie Master | AIB

Asus ZenFone series is well known for their midrange Smartphone, but ASUS is throwing their hat in the high-end smartphones with the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro. High-end Smartphone components are getting more expensive which is driving the price up of the handsets, and there is no way around it. If you want the fastest processors with the best RAM, you need to pay for it, let's find out if the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is the complete package.


The Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro (with a thickness of only 7 mm) is among the thinnest smartphones on the market. It weighs about 145 grams and light for its size. The device is matte metal without leaving fingerprints. At the edges, there are two bright diagonal lines, a detail that gives a touch of care to design. 

The way the screen "overflows" through 2.5D glass enhances the brilliant detail and also adds higher attention to the border making it even more beautiful. However, something that does not stick much with this modern aesthetic is the traditional micro-USB connector. At this point, it would have been better to have a USB-C port.


The screen of the Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro has a diagonal of 5.5 inches, and its AMOLED panel has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, thanks to its intense colors and its showy contrasts, I liked it a lot. The brightness is more than enough, the angles of vision are excellent. Despite the new mobiles display trend with 18: 9, Asus decided to keep the standard 16: 9. 

However, this does not take away the brightness of the screen. The 5.5 inches are great, although today seem normal. The size is more than enough to have a great experience playing, watching or using generally. To complete, it has a 2.5D design and Gorilla Glass 5 protection. The screen Zenfone 4 selfie Pro will not let you down.


Unlike the other new models, Asus has not placed the dual camera of the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro in the back, but in the front. The standard lens has a 24-megapixel sensor, the extra wide-angle lens for group selfies captures images with up to 5 megapixels. With a lot of software features, Asus tries to make these selfies even more beautiful. The Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro proved its in-depth tests and achieved the perfect selfie. 

ASUS says the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro is the world's first mobile to record on 4K on the front camera. It's a great brand to put on an advertisement, but its use in everyday life is ineffective. We think those who like selfies put their photos and videos on social networks, meaning everything undergoes a heavy compression. 4K recording only serves a few YouTubers.

There is also the "portrait mode," which applies blur effect around the person. Depending on the background, the result can even seem Artistic so beautiful. You can also make gifs with the front camera. On the back of this smartphone, we find a 16-megapixel camera with electronic image stabilization and Sony sensor. In daytime photos, the quality can vary. It can get perfect in good light.


The ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro is powered by an eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. This mid-range chip is easy to handle in the day-to-day tasks of the smartphone and stands up when it comes to games or more reloaded websites. The applications open quickly, the multi-tasking is responsive and even run two apps at the same time is a fluid experience. The applications are opened the first time almost instantly, and the user experience is pleasant and fluid. The Asus ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, which can be extended through a microSD card.

OS and UI!

This is one of the novelties of the Zenfone 4, Android 7.1 Nougat wheel under the ZenUI 4.0 from Asus. The interface has not changed much in comparison with the previous version, the focus of the update is to reduce the number of pre-installed apps and provide greater agility.

ZenUI 4.0 is equipped with tools for productivity and performance. With Twin Apps, you can use two in the same app. It duplicates the application so that it uses one account in each version. Twin Apps supports Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

The ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro comes with many pre-installed apps such as weather, gallery, WebStorage, cell manager, themes and Master selfie. We highlight some programs, such as cell manager and the gallery. It displays beautiful photos, automatically increasing the brightness of the screen, option for dark theme and integration with other clouds and social networks. 

There are few "plug-ins" such as Page Maker for browsers, Game Genie to boost and stream games, and Selfie Master to enhance the face in photos. ASUS also added the emergency option, it sends the location in real time to selected contacts and calls the emergency. To activate this feature press power button three times.


We are surprised by the battery of this Asus smartphone (which is not removable, by the way) considering its thickness. 3000 mAh is a standard value, but that should be enough for everyday use. Even when the phone was at 15%, we did not have to worry, because the energy outgo of the Zenfone 4 Selfie Pro is efficient. It has battery modes, and even a "Super Economical" profile, deactivating the network only for the exchange of SMS, calls, and alarm wake up. This smartphone supports fast charging,  it goes from 3% to 33% in half an hour. So the battery is not a concern with Selfie Pro.


AIB enjoyed reviewing the Asus Zenfone 4 selfie Pro, thanks to its fine shape, its good finish and its bright colors. A front camera with two lenses and a resolution of 24 megapixels is not at all usual. The phone's design is beautiful, accurate in every detail. The performance is guaranteed with the Snapdragon 625 and up to 4GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the Android 7.1.1 runs very well with light ZenUI 4.0. Finally, there is a speaker that can achieve high-volume audio without distortion. So if you want an efficient smartphone, go for it. It is fast, beautiful besides having well 'differentiated selfies.' 

Asus ZenFone series is well known for their midrange Smartphone, but ASUS is throwing their hat in the high-end smartphones with the ZenF...

Best Places to Visit in Australia for All Type of Travellers | AIB

Australia is the largest island in the world located amongst the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is a paradise of contrasts since it has from a vast desert, exotic animals like the kangaroo or the dingo, dreamy beaches to thousands of hectares and cattle fields. 

To explore the traditional way of life of the nation's aboriginal people, or to relax on a sun-drenched beach or enjoying the night in a fashionable place in the city, Australia has something unique to offer each visitor. If you have decided that this part of the world is your next destination, I give you the top 10 places you can not miss in your tour to enjoy tourism in Australia.

1. Ayers Rock - Uluru!

Ayers Rock sacred mountain of the aborigines, it is the largest monolith in the world. The rock formation rises 348 meters on the ground, and 863 meters above sea level, although most of it is underground. The outline of the monolith, which changes color according to the inclination of the sun's rays, measures 9.4 kilometers. The traditional inhabitants of the area organize guided tours of the fauna, local flora, and indigenous legends.

2. Whitsundays Islands - The Great Barrier Reef!

The Whitsunday Islands are a combination of 74 islands bordered by the Great Barrier Reef, and the protected by waters of the eastern sea, this tropical paradise is the romantic destination for couples, so if you plan to travel with your partner, you already know what it meets. 

More than 100 varied species of sharks, manta rays, turtles, some 1,800 different fish and 400 coral, make up the most spectacular seabed on the planet. To enjoy fullest, you need to go shallow depth.

3. Kakadu National Park!

The Kakadu National Park, in the North, can only be visited in the dry season, from May to September, in the rainy season, it is not possible to access many areas. Its extension is equivalent to that of the State of Israel and is believed to contain ten percent of the world's uranium reserves.

The park is found within the Alligator Rivers Region of the Northern Territory with their crocodiles and Johnston crocodiles, which fortunately sleep most of the day. The most important part of the park is the outstanding cave paintings of Ubirr, Nourlangie, and Nanguluwur inhabited by man uninterruptedly for more than 20,000 years.

4. The Twelve Apostles!

One of the most beautiful natural landscapes to see in Australia, the southern coast of the state of Victoria is known for the "shipwreck coast" (Shipwreck Coast), and the reason is entirely visible when you arrive at the Port Campbell National Park. It is about kilometers of cliffs and wild beaches.

Sometimes there is no better sculptor than Mother Nature. There are only ten of the so-called Twelve Apostles left. These giants of limestone show solitary and fragile when rough sea that lashes the coast without mercy. That water was eroding the rock that bound them to the cliffs, creating one of the most sought after landscapes by those who decide to visit Australia. 

5. The Great Ocean Road!

It may be one of the most scenic roads in the world, and it is undoubtedly very high on the list of Australian tourist attractions.Built by Australian veterans of World War I, this 243 km road was born with the intention of being the largest memorial to fallen soldiers in the world. However, the natural beauty of the place where it runs has led to it becoming one of the leading places to visit in Australia.

It links the small towns of Torquay and Warrnambool, although the maximum speed allowed is 80 km/h, you hardly want to go over 40 to enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape. The Great Ocean Road runs through wooded areas, wild beaches, impossible cliffs and holiday villages such as Anglesea, Lome, and Apollo Bay.

6. Fraser Island!

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world with 1,630 square kilometers. It has about 100 freshwater lakes, scattered among tropical forests, eucalyptus, and mangroves. With a unique ecosystem, the tourism that has been developed conserves the charm and biodiversity of the island. 

Most visitors move through Fraser in 4x4 vehicles, a more peaceful and beautiful way to explore. It makes the great 90 km trekking, with shelters where you can spend the night at the end of each stage. They will give you a series of guidance while you are there, such as not feeding the dingoes. In fact, the motto of the island is that as long as you remain in it, your presence must be the least visible and least harmful.

7. Nambung National Park - The Pinnacles!

The Australian west coast is one of the wildest areas in the world. Of the routes through Australia, few can match the great feeling of direct contact with nature that you will find here. Most travelers who decide to travel the thousands of kilometers of the western highway that cuts the southern red sand, begin their journey in the city of Perth and head north. 

After traveling only about 200 km, you will find unique limestone forms that rise like beings of reddish-brown skin in the Nambung National Park. The limestone of which the Pinnacles are composed of the shells that populated the area in other eras. Without a doubt, it is one of a unique landscape to see in Australia.

8. Magnetic Island!

Its name Magnetic Island comes from antiquity, when James Cook in 1770 noticed that the compass of his boat was disturbed when passing close, for what he called "magnetic effect," since then the origin of the event has been investigated, but no explanation has been found. 

The island is a haven for wildlife, 54 percent of the island has been declared as the national park, to protect these animals. It is located on the abrupt hilly interior and rugged north-western side. The highest spot on the island is Mount Cook stretching 497 m above sea level. 

Magnetic Island is renowned for its fishing possibilities. Fish around the island includes dogtooth tuna, wahoo, black marlin, blue marlin, mackerel, sailfish, giant trevally, sea perch, coral trout, tuna, mahi-mahi and red emperor. There are over 800 koalas (2013) expected to be present on the island; this population represents the northern limit of their geographic range.

9. Tasmania!

The island of Tasmania is located south of Australia, separated from the coast of the country by the Strait of Bass. This region is rich in legends of presidios, pioneers, lumberjacks, miners and, recently, environmental activists. It emphasizes its virgin nature, gastronomy, and wines, with small cities of clean air. 

Mountains, lakes, secluded beaches, forests and other scenic attractions that can be explored on foot or by motorhome. The West Coast of Tasmania is great for adventure vacations, descending the rapids of the Franklin River. As for its fauna, having separated from Australia about 10,000 years ago, it still retains some rare species of marsupials, the most famous of all being the Tasmanian devil, now in danger of extinction.

10. Sydney!

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales, located on the southeastern coast of Australia. A modern city with a long history defined by its picturesque harbor. The first inhabitants of the region lived along the shore of the port for thousands of years. The port was also the landing site for convicts sent to Australia during the 1780s.

Sydney is a modern and open city, where people not only work but also have fun. Among its most famous places include the Opera House, the bridge over the Bay of Sydney, Chinatown or the Botanical Garden. Walk through Sydney and inhale air that will revitalize body and mind.

What sites would you recommend for sightseeing in Australia? Would you add any more of the ones we have mentioned? Leave us your experience.

Australia is the largest island in the world located amongst the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is a paradise of contrasts since it ha...

SJCAM - Empower Your Dreams with an Action Cam | AIB

SJCAM is not only preparing a series of new SJ8 action cameras with up to 4K 60fps resolution and enhanced SJDASH + camera with GPS, but also a camera called A10 and exclusive information about this camera we bring you now. The SJCAM A10, with its shape, will resemble the SJCAM M20 action camera that we had in the review.

The A10 will be the first action camera from SJCAM that can handle water even without a holster. It will not be able to sink with it, but the IP65 certification guarantees protection against splashing water (the water heads with a 6.3 mm nozzle at all angles at a flow of 12.5 liters per minute at a pressure of 30 kN / m2 for at least 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters ).

The SJCAM A10 will feature a brand new Novatek chip titled Novatek NT96658 and a Sony IMX323 sensor with 2.2MP resolution. The camera can record FullHD (1080p) video at 30 frames per second and 60fps for HD video. The f / 2.5 lenses will have a 140° engagement angle.

The rear side of the SJCAM A10 will be equipped with a 2 "touchscreen with a live view of the recorded video. But the biggest bomb: SJCAM A10's battery capacity will be 2650 mAh, and the camera should last up to 3 hours of Full HD video recording per charge.

SJCAM A10 Specifications:

Chip: Novatek NT96658
Sensor: Sony IMX323 (2.2MPx)
Video resolution: 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
Video format: MP4, H.264
Connectivity: micro HDMI, USB-C
Remote control support: yes

For more details, price, and date of sale of SJCAM A10 we have to wait for the official show. According to our information, even a car holder will be included in the sales package, and the SJCAM A10 will also be used as a black box. 

SJCAM Camera Official Site:

SJ-Gimbal – Take your video-recording and photography to the next level.

The SJ-Gimbal is a 3-Axis Motorized Stabilizer that works perfectly with your SJCAM Action Cameras. It also works well with other similarly-sized video recording devices. The SJ-Gimbal allows for shooting smooth, vibration and shake-free video footage. SJ-Gimbal also allows for taking crisp photos of your travels, adventures, and other indoor or outdoor activities.

SJ-Gimbal gimbal control mode allows you to capture photos and record video at the press of a button; This mode is for SJ6 & Sj7 series only. Other SJCAM series that can be mounted include SJ4000 and SJ5000 series.

SJ-Gimbal Features:

3-Axis Stabilization
Gimbal Control Mode for SJ6 & SJ7
Mount SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6 & SJ7 Series
Charging through Stabilizer
Joystick Control
1/4″ Screw Mount
Supports Most Action Cameras

Check out the full SJ-Gimbal specs on the SJ-Gimbal product page.

SJCAM is not only preparing a series of new SJ8 action cameras with up to 4K 60fps resolution and enhanced SJDASH + camera with GPS, ...