Hunger Game: Learn How To Control Your Appetite | AIB

Eating can satisfy hunger and earn the energy required for the development of our activities during the day; plus it fills the palate, which gives us a feeling of pleasure and well-being. However, conditions resulting from a raging appetite can affect our health. 

Whether you're trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss or just stay healthy, at some point, you're going to get hungry. But frankly eating whenever the urge strikes aren't always the healthiest reply — and that's because hunger isn't as honest as you may think. 

Difference between Hunger and Appetite!

Hunger defined as sense guided by the natural urge to eat. The appetite, however, is a procured condition and is described by the desire to ingest food pleasure. From these basics, the following differences between them arise:

  • Hunger is very annoying for the person, while no appetite.
  • Appetite is just craving for food. Hunger is a physical need.
  • Hunger is felt in the stomach and stems from low levels of blood glucose; while the appetite is given by the stimulation of the senses, such as sight, taste, smell, and touch of food.
  • Appetite manages us to consume more than we need; while hunger has a step of satisfaction.

Tips to learn how to control your appetite more effective:

Never skip breakfast!

Many people try to lose weight through diet improvisation, which usually consists of skipping meals, either breakfast or dinner. That is a fatal error, something completely counterproductive if what you want is to regulate food intake.

It is true that skipping breakfast consume fewer calories. However, this will have adverse effects on the course of the day. You will need to eat more to replenish nutrients not ingested early in the day; therefore, doing so is not a good way to control appetite.

Increase protein intake!

Of all the compounds we eat, proteins are macromolecules more satiating power. Exert a significant role in the development of muscle mass, which makes them very useful for those people who make a lot of physical exercises; as athletes and fitness fans. It also has many other beneficial properties for the body, such as:

  • Accelerate metabolism, which promotes weight loss and rapid digestion.
  • Protein helps control hunger or appetite.
  • Prevents loss of muscle mass.
  • Controls blood sugar.

Eat fruits often!

Fruits allow control appetite through glycogen levels. When glycogen levels are low, then from the liver a signal to the brain on the need for intake is sent, which stimulates appetite.

Maintaining high glycogen stores is important. A healthy way to do this is through the consumption of fruit. So the levels will remain stable and will avoid obtaining appetite.

Include fiber diet!

Consuming foods rich in fiber is much value in the difficult task of controlling hunger. The fiber has a satiating effect on the body; rich compound foods tend to fill quick who consume them, even if it is not very large quantities. Also, it takes longer to digest, which extends the period after satisfaction. 

Drink lot of water!

Sometimes, depending on the pace of our lives, we mistake thirst for hunger. That is why adequate water intake is essential to control appetite. About 3 liters of water per day is advised, and this may seem an excessive amount in glasses of water, but this mass includes the water contained in fruits, and other foods observed.

Some people take very little water; in these cases creating awareness about the need for intake is not only to control hunger but also for healthy hydration of the body.

Physical exercise must!

Overall, about physical exercise, many myths are handled. The truth is that physical activity has a significant impact on the control of hunger.

During the first few weeks of exercise, it is likely to feel an increased appetite. It is natural since the number of daily calories consumed has grown. However, this tends to regulate them in the long term. That is because of physical exercise increases the transit of leptin, which reduces appetite.

Become aware!

No matter how many diets you decide to do, the mental part is the basis to develop healthy eating habits that favor our body. As we saw, they have involved in brain mechanisms, which highlights the hypothalamus.

It is necessary to be aware of our own to control hunger, as most find motivation within us. Among the reasons, most frequent motivation is securing our health.

Eating can satisfy hunger and earn the energy required for the development of our activities during the day; plus it fills the palate, w...

Mumbai Rains: Schools, colleges closed, flights cancelled | AIB

The torrential rain hit Mumbai and its outskirts for the second day, prompting a massive interruption in-flight procedures, delaying suburban train services and forcing a large number of people to stay indoors. However, even though the heavy downpour towards the latter half of September came as a surprise, civic services were not as badly hit as the last time.

Schools and colleges in Mumbai metropolitan region were ordered closed given torrential rains, no deaths or significant damage to property are reported.

Air services at the Mumbai terminal were miscued, with 108 flights canceled and extra 51 redirected to nearby airports till this morning due to massive rain and closing of the main runway after a SpiceJet aircraft skidded, overshot the runway and got stuck in the mud, blocking it, an airport official said.

Data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) explained that over 24 hours, Mumbai recorded about 304 mm of rain, the 312mm standard set for the whole month of September—which means it rained in one day almost as much as it usually does over a month!

The sudden force of this spell was visible from the evidence that it was the second wettest September day in IMD's over 100-year recorded history. "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that owing to climate change we'll keep seeing such torrential rains over short intervals," said Prof Kapil Gupta of IIT, referring to the extreme nature of the phenomenon.

The ongoing spell of torrential downpour accompanied by gusty winds prompted waterlogging in new areas. Not just the usual low-lying areas of Khar and Kalina, even parts of western outskirts such as Dahisar, Marol, and Bandra that unusually report waterlogging were immersed in knee-deep waters.

Vehicular traffic was moving but at a slower pace, including on the Eastern and Western Express Highway, the two major arterial roads in the metropolis.

The torrential rain hit Mumbai and its outskirts for the second day, prompting a massive interruption in-flight procedures, delaying sub...

Strategies to Anticipate a Cyber ​​Attack in Your Company | AIB

An erroneous perception of the business environment is to believe that the defense against a computer attack has a response only from the technological front and this happens to acquire or contract a service to protect the information. This action may help, but it does not solve the origin of the problem. Under this scenario, what is the best recommendation? According to experts, the strategy to be followed is that company officials begin by raising awareness and educating users and their partners in safer practices.

It is necessary to understand that all members of a company should be aware of the importance of not falling into cyber traps. Also, have a proper behavior regarding the use of the tools provided by the firm. Therefore, a healthy first advice is that the user should be aware of the action that will take and evaluate if it is a safe behavior to be able to control a situation of cybernetic risk. For example, emails that receive invitations to update personal data, and which ultimately end up being a hoax, are an apparent event of theft of information that not only involves the individual but can end up generating a significant loss of information for the company.

The next step is for companies to identify what information is most critical to them, creating a protection strategy from there, knowing that we all have limited resources and that it is necessary to give a correct approach through a series of guidelines.

In addition to specifying the information to be safeguarded, it is necessary for the organization to work closely with specialized partners; it should be noted that a virtual threat scenario can be so complex that a single organization, regardless of size, will not be able to resolve the situation with the resources available. If an attempt is made against the security of the organization, it is important that the official evaluates the organizations in which he is going to support, to ensure that before an incident can have sufficient support to give an adequate response promptly.

Under this scenario, relying on the capabilities of global providers allows us to act quickly against threats that were previously recorded in other regions. That was tangible in the face of the threat presented by Wanna Cry, which started strongly in Europe, but which allowed when operations began in other regions. Not only with ongoing corrective measures but also with guidelines for the safe behavior of the company's workers, and what steps to take in the face of such threats.

Finally, it is critical that the strategy be clear to prevent such security problems. At present, we are witnessing a world where technology is frequently used for the development of business enterprises in all industries. Hiring services without having clear what is to be protected and where the information is no longer an alternative. Instead of emphasizing this type of initiative, the focus should be on defining an integral strategy for the protection of the organization, and that this serves as a guide to generate awareness in the collaborators, in addition to evaluating and selecting the security measures that best apply to the needs of each company.

An erroneous perception of the business environment is to believe that the defense against a computer attack has a response only from th...

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review | AIB

Following the success of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" (2014), director Matthew Vaughn immediately began writing a sequel. Unlike the first film, which was based on the comics "The Secret Service," this second part is a new and original story. 

In Kingsman: The Secret Service, Harry runs a recruiting program for a group called "Kingsman." The Kingsman is a secret spy service in England that defends the world from various threats. Determined to make it a suitable member of the organization, Harry will take care to train Eggsy not only as a killing machine and mincing but also one of the finest gentlemen Empire of Her Britannic Majesty ever given to the world.

Incidentally, a task which will not be easy for him because a madman and genius billionaire called Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) intends to unleash its global solution on the planet. Can they turn Harry and his pupil plans evil super-criminal? 

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Eggsy is a spy and an agent. But not everything is not okay for Eggsy because now the Kingsman are threatened by an unknown force. When their center of operations is attacked, the Kingsman must ally themselves with extravagant American spies to defeat whoever terrifies the world. In a new event that will test the power of the agents to the limit, these two elite secret establishments unite to defeat a common enemy to save the world, something that has become a practice for Eggsy.

Kingsman is based on a novel, it was slightly different, as the spy and his godsons were uncle and nephew. The first called himself Jack London, and also came from the slums of London. Pitying her little sister and the eldest son of this one, he decides to take the kid from the streets and try to make him a spy, including an accelerated manner, seduction, and martial training course. From there, the story is quite broadly similar to the film, although with some distinct differences. 

Kingsman asks little of you, urging you to sit down and enjoy the ride. You can see right into the gimmick of putting big names on a poster to get you to buy a ticket—indeed, the American characters mostly recede after short appearances. The gadgets are so excessive that no one feels really in danger, eliminating any actual intellectual or emotional backing in the film. But what it does it does well, revolving around a laugh-out-loud performance by Julianne Moore and enough action to keep you interested.

And by some odd circumstance, if you find yourself sad if an important character gets blown to smithereens, I would not worry too much about it. This is Hollywood, and this is Kingsman. I am sure a particle-rejoinder-machine will be invented just in time for the sequel.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will hit theaters in India on 22nd September. Matthew Vaughn returns as director of this unusual spy story. Beside him, Colin Firth and Taron Egerton will play the leading roles in this sequel. But also have other category names such as Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum in the most prominent supporting roles.

Following the success of "Kingsman: The Secret Service" (2014), director Matthew Vaughn immediately began writing a sequel. Un...

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in England | AIB

The England has an important heritage as a result of its long history. The passing of the centuries has left a lot of interesting places to see and some cities that flourished in some cases by culture and in others by industry.

Since many years England has been one of the most visited places in the world, it offers one of the most beautiful landscapes, medieval castles, stately homes, museums and many more attractions, so I bring you the top 10 of the best places to visit.

1. Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle is the strength of the world's largest inhabited, and the biggest castle in  England. The place is the preferred weekend residence of the royal family week and has served as home to the monarchy since the time of William the Conqueror. Covering an area of 10 hectares, in addition to the royal palace houses a magnificent chapel, houses and workplaces of a vast number of people, and rich collections, furniture, and pieces of art, including paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Canaletto, and Gainsborough.

While some tourists come to England specifically to visit its castles, others simply plan to see one or two as part of a larger trip. Among which we recommend you visit Windsor Castle, Knole, Hatfield House, Hever Castle and Gardens, Woburn Abbey, and Thornbury Castle is located.

2. Canterbury Cathedral

The history of the Cathedral of Canterbury is full of intrigue since the murder of Thomas Becket in the twelfth century to the old Romanesque crypt lies under the structure. The cathedral is also one of the oldest buildings in England. The building dates from the year 597, and files held by the Cathedral date back to many centuries ago, detailing the records of births and deaths in the area.

Today, its impressive Gothic structure is the current Cathedral Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, primate of England and leader of the Church of England.

3. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is not only the official residence of the Queen; For years, this magnificent and extensive palace has hosted countless heads of state around the world and official statements issued in wartime, while in recent times has even become a major tourist attraction.

Until recently, the Buckingham Palace was not available for public tours, and could only enter the palace at the invitation of the king. However, nowadays Buckingham Palace welcomes tourists for 8 weeks a year in what is known as the Buckingham Palace Tour. The rest of the year, the royal family is usually in residence, and often hold meetings and official holidays.

The Changing of the Guard takes place usually once a day at 11:30 hours, every day of the year. Tourists should note, however, that due to weather and safety precautions, the change of guard sometimes canceled at the last minute. Also, although the change of guard is often viewed as a ceremonial activity guards play an important security role, and this is taken very seriously by officials.

4. Know the City of the Beatles: Liverpool

Founded in 1207, Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in the UK. The inhabitants of this city known as "Scousers," about the local dish called "Scouse," a kind of stew beef or lamb with vegetables that helps overcome the cold nights in the port of Liverpool.

For its part, the city is known as the Capital of Pop, because here were born pop singers and musicians more than any other city in the world. And besides its famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, in Liverpool, the port music is the center of the city.

Above all this population is the birthplace of The Beatles: English rock band most famous for all time. Even if you try to "let it be" or think that there will be no singer who will overcome Lennon, you have to visit The Beatles Story. This attraction will take you through the best memories of the famous band.

5. Stonehenge

A description or a picture of this ancient stone circle cannot be compared with the feeling of seeing it in person. Stonehenge dates back thousands of years in time. It has thought that was the result of the work of the ancient Celtic Druids and highlights both the ingenuity used to move the huge rocks and its relationship with astronomy.

While archaeologists are fascinated and perplexed trying to discover the purpose of Stonehenge, the site is today one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK and the world. There are tours available every day, but the most surprising to see the imposing stone monument Stonehenge time is at dawn or dusk.

6. The London Eye

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York the Empire State and, since 2000, London has the London Eye (London Eye), an extraordinary symbol of an exceptional city.

As the world's largest Ferris wheel, the London Eye offers a fantastic lookout, while it is a spectacular way to see over 50 of the most famous landmarks of London in just 30 minutes.

For a complete tour combines your climb to the London Eye with a cruise of 40 minutes on the Thames. Starting from the dock of London Eye, the boat takes you on tour past the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London, and back to the London Eye.

7. Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most popular and iconic tourist attractions. Founded by William the Conqueror in 1080, since its inception has played important roles as a fortress, palace, and prison.

One of the main reasons for visiting the Tower is to see the Crown Jewels. The collection includes 23,578 pieces, including one of the most famous diamonds in the world. Too many people lost their heads in the tower, and the exhibition "Prisoners" discusses some of the most famous prisoners, from Anna Bolena, Guy Fawkes Edward V and until Sir Thomas More.

But there is much more to see in the Tower, as the Yeomen of the Guard, the Ravens, Henry VIII's armor, various instruments of torture and the famous Traitors' Gate.

8. The walls of York

The city of  York has more kilometers of intact city walls than any other city in England, while some sections of these walls date back to Roman times. The best place to start a tour of the walls is the Museum Gardens, which is one of the most important parts of the Roman defenses: the Multangular Tower. The tower, ten sides nine meters high, originally had three floors inside and a roof on top.

Walking through this huge walls is a risk because it is an ancient monument with worn steps and places where there are no railings.

9. Walk the West End

The West End is an area of ​​central London which houses many major tourist attractions, along with major companies, shopping malls, and theaters.

The use of the term "West End" began in the nineteenth century and was used to describe the fashionable west of Charing Cross. Today, West End is the entertainment center in the UK and the largest shopping district in Europe, home to the best theaters and cinemas in the country, as well as numerous bars, restaurants, hotels, and discos.

10. Roman Baths

The Roman Baths were constructed during the 60s and 70s of the first century BC. This beautiful resort is on the list of the most prominent landmarks in the UK. Once there, what is surprising is how well preserved it is the architectural ensemble while moving get an idea of ​​what it was like being in a Roman thermal bath.

The museum where thousands of Roman discoveries that have been made during several archaeological excavations in the region has exhibited. For lovers of numismatics is a collection of 12,000 Roman coins.

The England has an important heritage as a result of its long history. The passing of the centuries has left a lot of interesting places...

WWE 2K18 Career Mode Details Revealed | AIB

WWE 2k18 will be more attractive this year with a career mode that proposes to create a superstar and take it to the top of the wrestling world from NXT to the Hall of Fame WWE, after passing through WrestleMania.

The first thing to note is that my career in WWE 2k18 mode again focuses on the narrative, just like last year, and since the beginning, we have to master our destiny to be able to choose between being a "company man" or a fighter "fan favorite." If we decide to be a "company man" we'll win the favor of the WWE Authority, and we can count on the help of the General Managers to achieve our goals: we can conspire with them backstage, ambushing other wrestlers in the locker room or during interviews ...

Conversely, if we want to be the "fan favorite," will plant face to the company and will rely solely on our actions during the fighting and promos, they will return to this issue with renewed more than 200 animations system and new scoring system. With this, we have to earn the respect of the rest of the roster of WWE, chatting with them backstage and accepting all kinds of fighting, even at a disadvantage.

As you can see, the backstage gain influence in WWE 2k18 and able to move fast for him to talk with any superstar or legend you come across, and even to enter the office of Vince McMahon to negotiate. All this to get up slowly in the category and move from NXT to SmackDown or Raw and fight for championships like the United States, the Intercontinental or Universal.

And if that were not enough, the My Career WWE 2k18 allow us to import any fighter created by other users and cast in our game, so we can interact backstage and form alliances or rivalries with them. Thus, the fighters of our friends will also be part of our history in the game developed by Yuke's and Visual Concepts.

WWE 2k18 will go on sale on October 17 for PS4 and Xbox One.

WWE 2k18 will be more attractive this year with a career mode that proposes to create a superstar and take it to the top of the wrestlin...

PM Modi, Shinzo Abe Launched the Bullet train project in Gujarat | AIB

PM Narendra Modi along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe inaugurated the Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed bullet train project today. Before initiating the high-speed bullet train project, Modi and Shinzo Abe inspected a model of the project in Ahmedabad. 

Before launching the bullet train project, Modi said: If technology is used to empower the poor, we can win the fight against poverty. The high-speed train will add pace to India's growth, reduce the distance between people and places and improve productivity.

Mostly funded by a $17bn (£12.78bn) loan from Japan, the bullet train will run between Ahmedabad city and Mumbai. Once complete the train which will have a top speed of 350 km/ hr will lessen travel time within the two places around 2 hours from the current 7 hours travel. The cost of the project is Rs 1.08 lakh crore, and it runs 316-mile long, the project is expected to be concluded by 2022.

The bullet train will stop at ten stations, which are Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, and Sabarmati. A 21-km-long tunnel will be bored between Boisar and Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, with seven km of the stretch under the sea. Initially, the high-speed bullet train will have ten coaches with a total accommodation range of 750 passengers. Afterward, the high-speed train will have 16 coaches with a luxury range of 1250 passengers.

According to Railway officials, roughly 1.6 crore people are assumed to travel by the high-speed bullet train yearly. However, by 2050, an expected 1.6 crore passengers are supposed to use the bullet train on a daily basis.

The Railways will need 825 hectares of land for the high-speed bullet train that will cover a distance of 316-mile. Nearly 92 per cent of this route will be elevated, six per cent will go through tunnels and the remaining two per cent will on land.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Railway Ministry have inked a MoU for the 316-mile bullet train corridor. The project is on Japanese soft loan. But they would be happy as their high technology is under stiff competition from China and South Korea, who are trying to build similar rail corridors across the world.

PM Narendra Modi along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe inaugurated the Ahmedabad-Mumbai high-speed bullet train project today. ...

Apple Event Summary: iPhone 8, iPhone X and More | AIB

Apple on Tuesday introduced its new products of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the rumored iPhone X at a press event held in the newly built headquarters at the Apple campus in Cupertino, California.

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus continue the characteristics of their predecessors in 2016. The phones have glass on both the front and back and come in three colors: silver, gray and gold. Apple is also touting updated screens and dual speakers that provide 25% more volume of sound and deeper bass.

Much of the presentation was devoted to showing the camera upgrades. iPhone 8 include a 12MP camera with a new sensor, more pixels, and a new color filter. Both work with faster chips than its predecessors. The biggest change compared with 2016 models is that the two new devices 8 allow wireless charging. Apple will begin selling wireless chargers Belkin Mophie and in their stores.

iPhone 8 sold in the US from USD 699 (Rs 64,000), and iPhone 8 Plus USD 799 (Rs 86,000). The initial launch of new models on September 22 and it will hit stores on September 29 in India. While the iOS 11 will hit a few days earlier, on September 19.

"Our intention always has to create something so magical, powerful, that the hardware virtually disappears," said Tim Cook at the launch. He added the first model of iPhone was a revolution in mobile technology and predicted that iPhone X lead the way in this field to "the next decade."

iPhone X! 

Apple also unveiled a new flagship model called iPhone X, pronounced as "ten," is a commemorative edition of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. The new iPhone X includes a "super retina display" edge to edge reaching to the lower end of the phone, so the traditional start button has removed.

In iPhone X, Apple omitted the option to unlock the phone with the fingerprint, an authentication method known as Touch ID. Instead, Apple is introducing a new feature called Face ID using facial recognition software to authenticate users phone. iPhone X comes with a special infrared camera to make sure this feature also works in low light.

iPhone X also has other functions, such as using custom emojis dubbed as "Animojis." Users will now be able to animate and change the facial expression of emoji, and record and send video messages with sound.

iPhone X hit stores with a price of USD 999 (Rs 89,000), both names and specifications for new iPhones had been leaked before the event. The iPhone X launches officially on November 3.

Apple Watch!

Apple has also released the next generation of its smart watch. Apple Watch Series 3 will come with integrated calls with the same number as the iPhone, and water resistance, thus it becomes a tool for monitoring watersports. Apple watch will detect abnormal heart rates. Besides, it comes with support for Apple Music. We can listen songs and receive calls without our phone. Apple Watch will let you know when your heart rate spikes even when you are inactive.

Apple Watch is now the top selling watch brand (by value). Now ahead of Rolex, Fossil, Omega. watchOS 4 available from September 19. It will incorporate improvements inside, as a stronger and better WiFi connection or an altimeter processor, but also on the outside, with new straps in different colors and materials. Apple Watch 3 will be available for booking on 15 September, and its launch will be on 22 this month. There will be two models available; basic model costs USD 329, and others with calls for USD 399.

Apple TV!

Apple has introduced new 4K TV that supports HDR and Dolby Vision and with an integrated chip A10X. iTunes will feature movies from the major movie studios in 4K, the same price as in HD.

The company has partnered with local channels; later this year will allow access to live sports broadcasts in the United States. AppleTV 4k may be reserved on 15 September and will hit stores on 22, priced at USD 179 for its 32GB version, and USD 199 for its 64GB model.

Wireless Charger!

Both new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X along with Air Pods and Apple Watch supports wireless charging. So they have launched an Air Power to charge all devices wirelessly, which hit the market next year.

Apple on Tuesday introduced its new products of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the rumored iPhone X at a press event held in the newly bui...

Why You Need to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone? | AIB

The comfort zone can describe as a mental state in which an individual feels safe even though he may be in a grave situation, i.e., in the state prefers to stay despite the negatives that surround; the latter fear to advance, grow and develop as a person.

Throughout this article, we will talk about the benefits of leaving the comfort zone and also some recommendations that will allow you to do so more easily. You just need perseverance, discipline and strive as much as possible to enjoy life.

Why is it necessary to leave the comfort zone?

This mental state can protect and safeguard a person for a while, but after some time it influences negativity because the habits can bring unintended consequences. Also, most people who remain in this area often develop apathy and emotions similar to that experience those suffering from depression or mental disorder.

Hence, getting out of that zone reduces the possibility of suffering and changes the life. It is also important to highlight other benefits out of this mindset.

You will be much stronger in several aspects!

Life, as you go, forges us through the experiences we live, it will affect when we stay in our comfort zone. We will lose ourselves a lot to learn, and that delays our development as individuals. Once you realize your deepest fears overcome of that, it will allow you to move more determinedly to ensure progress.

On the other hand, we all need to learn to fall and rise; since this is the last step, it is where our effort goes far beyond and achieve amazing things. If you do not allow yourself to fall without leaving the comfort zone, you will not be stronger.

You will develop your creativity!

Leaving aside the routine and everyday life, you can manage to develop your creative skills; You have to fight with the various internal and external stimuli that you get to encounter along the way.

At that time you will find solutions that you thought they do not exist. You could never have imagined that problem or just figured you had no solution to your previous way of life. Also, people often risk takers are more likely to develop aspects of his personality that promote creativity.

You will develop confidence and security! 

People who can not get out of the comfort zone has characterized by being fearful and insecure; since the slow fears and doubt their abilities to address them. Manage to break that barrier and face the world to achieve all the objectives and dreams that once you set out, then that is when you will begin to believe in yourself.

Once you begin to solve problems and to live it day to day, it is when you think you are an individual able to accomplish things that you would never have imagined. You will begin to rely more on your skills and instincts, which will progressively feed the lessons learned along the way.

You will improve as a person!

Sometimes we only focus on the material, leaving aside our inner growth and development. In my opinion, it's impossible to give all our potential without improving as a person.

Most successful people know exactly how they are, they threw themselves into adventures and believed in their work. They preferred risk to succeed because they knew that if they fell, only had to get up and try again.

It's okay to leave the comfort zone for all the advantages and benefits explained, but the idea is not to keep you out forever; since it is impossible. If you are always doing different things that you did, you can get used to them easily.

Sometimes it is necessary to return to that state, take a break or enjoy your accomplishments and again out to face the world.

The comfort zone can describe as a mental state in which an individual feels safe even though he may be in a grave situation, i.e., in...

PM Modi Puts Vivekanananda in Modern Perspective For Youth | AIB

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed students across the nation from Vigyan Bhawan on Monday to mark Swami Vivekananda's 125th anniversary of his Chicago address and BJP ideologue Deendayal Upadhyaya's centenary celebrations. The event was organized by the Deendayal Research Institute (DRI) and backed by the Culture Ministry.

The theme of the convention was ‘Young India, New India.' Speaking at the event, Modi stressed on his Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Addressing the event, Prime Minister asked whether Indians today have the right to chant Vande Mataram if they go on to spit pan and throw garbage on roads. He further added that those who clean the streets and surroundings have the first right in the country.

Speaking about Swami Vivekananda's address in at Parliament on Religion in Chicago on 11 September 1983, Modi said people today people remember 9/11 with the terror attacks of 2001 in NY, the "9/11 of 1893 was about a message of love and brotherhood" which continues to reverberate & inspire the generation.

PM Modi said Vivekananda gave a new identity to India, when he went abroad, he showcased the character of India. But when he addressed in India, he highlighted our problems. Swami Vivekananda raised his voice against the social sins that has invaded our society. PM Modi further added that he said only rituals would not connect a person to holiness. He also said 'Jan Seva is Prabhu Seva' Modi added.

Prime Minister urged students should pitch in to take the 'Clean India Initiative' forward. Vivekananda's ideals can be an example for all, especially the young, even in today's day and age.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed students across the nation from Vigyan Bhawan on Monday to mark Swami Vivekananda's 125th ann...

Enjoy the Benefits of Aloe Vera - To Your Health | AIB

Ancient Egyptians were called Aloe Vera as "The Plant of Immortality" because of its healing and nutritive properties. It carries a large number of healing components and has many health benefits. Now, Aloe vera has become the new natural remedy of fashion. 

Experts in cosmetics, 'influencers' and slimming specialists continue to discover a new ally in this medicinal plant every day for all types of remedies and treatments. Do you want to know all the ways to use it to get the most out of it? Here we tell you some of its special properties.

1. To take care of your skin!

Aloe vera contains a large amount of lignin, a substance that helps all the amino acids and vitamins of this plant to penetrate the layers of the skin. In this way, the hydration that brings reaches the deepest of our dermis, and its effects are not only committed to the first skin layer. Rubbing the aloe's viscous liquid will help us improve the cracked areas of our heels, a part of our body that always tends to dry quickly. The elbows or knees are also areas that are often soon dehydrated, so you should not hesitate to benefit from the natural properties of this natural remedy.

Since aloe vera stimulates the rapid creation of collagen, something that can help us to delay the appearance of the dreaded wrinkles in our face. All this because this plant produces fibroblastic fibers in the skin much faster than our body generates them naturally. 

2. Supports your eyelashes and eyebrows!

Yes, you read that right. Mixing aloe vera with a few drops of coffee and castor will make your eyebrows and sparsely populated eyelashes regain the desired foliage in a short time. To make sure that when applying the mixture gets well to the roots, you can use a clean mascara brush. Can there be a more economical method?

3. As an exfoliant and shaving foam!

The ideal remedy for a perfect exfoliation and shave? Most exfoliating products contain chemicals that can end up damaging and drying our skin, so we must apply moisturizer on the face. That is part of the past, Aloe vera mixed with a small spoon of baking soda values our skin while moisturizing during the exfoliation. 

Also, the viscous texture of this plant can also replace the shaving gel, since the function it performs the same. And if that were not enough, if you leave a little aloe in the freezer and you apply it on the skin after shaving you will enjoy the best 'aftershave' natural cold effect.

4. Aloe vera against any injury or inflammation!

If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to plant a small aloe plant in your house, opening an aloe vera leaf and placing it on the swollen area will cause inflammation to subside within minutes. In case you do not have a leaf of this remedy at hand, you can always purchase aloe gel, which will provide the same benefits to your body.

Wounds are not a problem, as its antibacterial properties characterize this plant, so its use will help prevent infections and stimulate the speed at which our wounds heal.

5. Against bad breath!

The aloe vera works as an anti-inflammatory that soothes acid indigestion, which can cause bad mouth odor. Performing these rinses frequently will help you eliminate bad odors and prevent inflammation of your gums by their healing properties.

Ancient Egyptians were called Aloe Vera as "The Plant of Immortality" because of its healing and nutritive properties. It car...