ISRO to Launch Navigation Satellite: All You Need To Know | AIB

The Indian space agency ISRO will launch its eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1H today from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. The 29-hour countdown for today's launch has started on Wednesday at 14:00 hrs IST. 

The satellite, which is intended to be a replacement for IRNSS-1A, after its atomic clocks on board had failed. The atomic clocks are vital for providing exact locational data, and every satellite has three such clocks. IRNSS-1H navigation satellite will be carried by the PSLV-C39 rocket that will lift-off at about 7 pm today.

The launch will open a new episode in the country’s history of space research as, for the first time, the private sector has been actively involved in assembling and testing of a satellite supervised by ISRO.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) is meant to provide accurate real-time positioning and timing services to users in India as well as the region stretching up to 1,500 km from its boundary. It is an independent regional navigation satellite system developed by India on par with US-based GPS.

This system will offer services like terrestrial and marine navigation, disaster management, vehicle tracking and fleet management, navigation aide for hikers and travelers, visual and voice navigation for drivers, was named 'NavIC' (Navigation with Indian Constellation) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

NavIC is useful for fishermen to reach the potential fishing area. They can also get alert messages about inclement weather conditions, high waves or when they approach international maritime boundary line. These services are provided through a software application on a smartphone. The Indian space agency said NavIC helps drivers to cross distances and also enable transport operators to track their vehicles and it is also useful for search and rescue operations.

NavIC provides two types of services - standard positioning service and restricted service. Standard positioning service is meant for all users and encrypted service which is provided only to authorized users like military and security agencies.

The Indian space agency ISRO will launch its eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1H today from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Srihariko...

Evangeline Lily Shares First Look of Her 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' Suit | AIB

The filming of 'Ant-Man and The Wasp', the second installment of the adventures of the character of Paul Rudd, has already begun filming. And so far we have been able to see some images of the conceptual art of the character played by Evangeline Lilly, it has now been the actress herself who has decided to post on Twitter the first image of the Wasp in the suit.

The actress has taken the centenary of the Jack Kirby's birthday to give fans what they were waiting for: a first look at the new superheroine of the Marvel Film Universe. In the photo, Lilly appears in combat attire, without the helmet, and gives the impression that her dress will be very different, and much more reinforced.

In the sequel to 'Ant-Man,' we meet with Scott Lang, who after his participation in 'Civil War' will have to deal with his responsibilities as a parent and his new superhero identity. But while trying to order his life, a new mission will force him to work hand in hand with Wasp, as they discover new secrets about his past.

But everything will be complicated when the missing mother of Hope, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, who was lost in the Quantum realm comes on the scene. ' Ant-Man and The Wasp' will hit theaters on June 29, 2018. But while we can enjoy the new costume of the actress, who has not been slow to be admired by Marvel fans.

The filming of 'Ant-Man and The Wasp', the second installment of the adventures of the character of Paul Rudd, has already begun...

Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence? | AIB

There are cases where computers have defeated humans in table games. Also, some robots do job interviews, drive cars and even machines that created their language. We come to that point in our society in which we begin to worry seriously about the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Could we get out of our hands? Will we end up in a world dominated by robots? Are we dumber than computers? Is it the end, gentlemen?

The discussion has been strangely hot this year, so we decided to see what the most brilliant contemporary minds in the field of technology think about and this is what we found.

One of the most pessimistic views comes from the hand of Tesla's co-founder, Elon Musk, who practically owns an electronic-car empire and is on a mission to colonize Mars. He said that he has faced with the most avant-garde AI technology that exists, and I think people should be anxious about the issue ... I'm regularly warning people of the problem, but until we see robots on the streets killing the population, They will not know what to do because they consider it very ethereal.

What to do then? Everything points to the proposal of Musk is reduced to create a series of regulations and restrictions for technology developers. However, he still has no concrete idea of how to move forward in that direction; the important thing is to be informed as much as possible about the issue and its possible repercussions.

On the other side of the group is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, with a much more relaxed view about it. And look at the analogy of boxing was not random: for the last few months, Mark and Elon have faced through social networks and the press for their very different vision about the future of AI.

While one is afraid of an apocalyptic future dominated by machines, the other thinks that thinking this way is an alarm. "I'm optimistic, I believe that we can build things and the world will improve with them, but especially with Artificial Intelligence systems, I am very optimistic ... I think that the people who try to raise these apocalyptic scenarios are very negative and somehow I think that's a lot Irresponsible, " the Facebook founder said in a live interview.

In that sense, he believes that the underlying problem lies in how humans develop and apply technology. What in his view does not justify the creation of instances to restrict or contain the advance of AI, a phrase that did not fall at all well with Tesla's co-founder? Your answer? "I've talked to Mark about it, but his understanding of the matter is limited." 

No doubt Artificial Intelligence has been an issue this year. Not for nothing, Stephen Hawking surprised the world by announcing his idea to prevent this technology from getting out of hand. This lies in their fear that technological development will advance in such a way that we end up having overdeveloped machines. And why should they be aggressive with ourselves? According to Hawking, because the aggression is part of our nature and, therefore, it would not be rare that we transmitted it to the robots.

That is why his proposal based on redefining what we understand as a government and bring it to a global level. The idea is that there is an organization with a global reach able to control the progress of AI (to avoid ending up killing us all). Although, of course, that could give way to a planetary tyranny if things get out of hand and Hawking knows.

Now, it may be a very revolutionary idea, but the point is well understood: the physicist believes AI could become a danger to humanity. Therefore we should do something about it. Very in line with what Elon Musk raises, but entirely different from the vision of the future that has the optimist Mark Zuckerberg.

Many experts have reflected on how threatened we should feel in front of AI.

Bill Gates, had already pointed out in 2015: "At first machines will do a lot of work for us, and they will not be super smart. That should be good if we handle it well. Although a few decades later, intelligence will be strong enough to be a concern."

Fabio Gandour, head of research at IBM, says: "I'm not afraid of machines, I'm scared of people. In the device, one program, if you mind you turn it off. Not with people. I know how to make the machines learn, and I know how to make them work so that that intelligence favors me. I'm more afraid of people who use aptitude unpredictably."

For Jorge Baier, academic of Computer Science of Engineering UC has to do with the misuse that can be given to him, as offensive ends. He does not see a threat like that "one day we write a program and the program gets out of control and start doing things we do not want it to do and start destroying things."

Francisco Watkins, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering of the Usach shares the vision and adds that AI "can emulate creativity, but it has a limit. Man adds an emotive part that makes certain unexpected things happen." 

That brings us finally to the vision of Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired and expert in digital culture, who says that it has to be adopted instead of being feared and that it would lead us to a second industrial revolution. He explains that IAs are very specific and each one fulfills a function to facilitate processes so it would not make sense to create machines that had a human intelligence, with emotions. He also demolishes what he considers myths that lead us to think that machines could overcome or even enslave us.

What side are you on? Do you think Artificial Intelligence could get out of control?

There are cases where computers have defeated humans in table games. Also, some robots do job interviews, drive cars and even machines t...

Project Cars 2 is On the Way, with Much-Improved Graphics | AIB

Slightly Mad Studios developed a racing simulator in 2015 that aimed to be as exact as possible to a real race, and in pursuit of perfection followed by technological progress comes its second part, Project Cars 2 by Bandai Namco.

The changes have been many and for the better. You will be able to enjoy about 170 vehicles, 30 categories of different cars and 60 tracks accurately recreated, adding what more to advanced concerning its predecessor, a complete simulation of the climate.

The time at which it takes place, the geographic location where the track or the season of the year is made, make the environment change as well as the conditions of the race, being dynamic all locations and recreated even with their particular sunrises or sunsets Sun. All the climatic experience has guided by sound, where unlike other games of this type we can hear beyond the engine. 

Water falling on the windshield and pavement, wind and tire sounds are just a few of the things that complement the race. No detail gets you out of the trance you walk into after you start. See how the water evaporates or feel how the tires wear out with temperatures, you should be aware of your environment and not just tighten the throttle.

The title also comes with a self-imposed challenge, creating a competitive world within as well as traditional car racing, including tools that allow you to broadcast the race as you see it on television.

If you are a good player and you care about being clean during your games, you will be paired with people who play the same way. On the other hand, if you engage in driving in the opposite direction throughout the race and crash your rivals, you will end up running with people who enjoy playing the same way you do.

The game has not been limited, and that is why it will be released for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation next September 22. If you are a fan of motorsports and video games, do not miss the opportunity to try it out.

Slightly Mad Studios developed a racing simulator in 2015 that aimed to be as exact as possible to a real race, and in pursuit of perfec...

Crystal Dynamics Wants Lara Croft In Nintendo Switch | AIB

Lara Croft is one of the most popular characters in the history of the video games, and it is normal that any production company wants consoles to have archeologist from the catalog of games of their machines. Now, Crystal Dynamics, current holder of the rights of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, has expressed his desire to make this character come to Nintendo Switch.

During a video interview conducted by the website American IGN Rich Briggs, brand director at Crystal Dynamics, said that bringing the iconic female character to the console would be a “good idea.” However, he did not confirm whether they are developing a new spin-off of Tomb Raider for the Nintendo console, or they are adapting Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris or Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

For now, it will have to wait to see if any of the games puzzles and isometric action view of Lara Croft comes to Nintendo Switch, but the chances of that happening are pretty high. Also, it might be a good touchdown to see what the interest of users of the console and thus decide on whether to launch next Tomb Raider Nintendo Switch or adapt Tomb Raider or Rise of the Tomb Raider until then wait for official announcement.

Lara Croft is one of the most popular characters in the history of the video games, and it is normal that any production company wants c...

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Save Your Time | AIB

With the daybreak of Technology and Internet, the world and Communication between The World has developed immensely. And In this era of Internet, you need to be exclusive to be considered.

Today through this post, we will be letting you know about 5 Top notch Google Chrome extension which will make your Internet surfing better, time saving and fast.

So here are the plugins every Internet user must have on Google Chrome -

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a tool which checks the content you have typed in real time and finds all the grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors.

It can even detect if your content is plagiarized, whether you are chatting with the girl you like or writing an important entry online, you wouldn't ever want it to be incorrect. That's where Grammarly comes into play, It makes your typed content errorless and even you can select a theme of your content and Grammarly's chrome extension gives actionable tips on the basis of the content type preset.

2. Adblock Plus

You read a lot of articles online, watch countless YouTube videos or download songs or games. The one thing common with all of the following which is prime most reason for annoyance is annoying advertisement between your content.
If you are also the sufferer of the annoying ads or popups, then Adblock Plus is the solution for all your worries. Just install the Adblock Plus chrome extension and forget about all your problems and surf web candidly. It blocks all the ads and leads to a significant increase in page load speed, improves your experience and also decreases your data usage.

3. Amazon Assistant

Lately, Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as World's richest person and what makes him rich is World's best Online shopping website Amazon. So is there shopping extension which eases the process of buying stuff online. Whenever you search a product or open any shopping website's product page, It compares the price of the same product with that of Amazon and hence helps in finding you best deal, It also shows alternatives to a product.

4. Google Keep

Found some info online worth saving, what would you generally do? Save it as a doc. File on your pc, write it down? Saving it will only allow you to view it via your pc, writing it down is a tiresome job.

And Then there's Google Keep which makes the job of note keeping so easy and makes you able to preview it on all devices which have your email integrated with. It gives you the option to add lists, check boxes, manual write-ups, etc. and is very fast and comfortable to use. Its user interface is very simple and Accessing it on all your devices is very simple and time-saving.

5. Momentum

Bored of your same conventional new tab screen, Momentum is an answer to all your Boredom. Momentum replaces the new tab screen with an elegant wallpaper with a clock, a daily goal setter, to-do's, weather and daily changing inspirational quotes never to let your back down.

Momentum makes our new tab look very beautiful hence enhancing your browsing experience, and the additional features are the cherry on the cake.

I am Pranav Rajput, Blogger from Jammu, India. I am a 17-year-old teen who loves Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing :) I blog from Hitech Weirdo and Psnama.

With the daybreak of Technology and Internet, the world and Communication between The World has developed immensely. And In this era o...

Dish TV Opposing Star India Move to Bid for IPL Rights | AIB

Dish TV, a direct-to-home service provider, has filed an objection with the Competition Commission of India against STAR TV for allegedly monopolizing broadcast rights of the BCCI.  

Jawahar Goel chairman of Dish TV has accused Star India of exploiting its commanding position in airing cricket matches by competing in a bid for the IPL, explaining that such an eventuality will create a monopoly in cricket broadcast and force distributors and viewers to pay very high subscription rates.

Goel has forwarded a letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, on this matter, along with the chairman of the Competition Commission of India, TRAI, and the BCCI urging them against the Star India for the possible absolute majority on cricket broadcast rights.

Goel's letter shows that Star India has earned BCCI's media rights for all the cricketing matches to be shown in India for the next 6-7 years. For example, Star India also has the media rights for the Asia Cup (from 2016 to 2023); all ICC games, including the World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, Champions Trophy; and rights for all the bilateral series of the cricket broads of   England, Australia, and Bangladesh. 

Dish TV is asking the cricket regulator to ensure fair auction of IPL telecast rights to protect the competition in the industry as well as to prevent the creation of any monopoly to the detriment of public interest.

Dish TV, a direct-to-home service provider, has filed an objection with the Competition Commission of India against STAR TV for allegedl...

Android 8.0 Oreo: Everything You Need to Know | AIB

Android 8.0 Oreo is now a reality. After months of its speculation about the name and features, Google officially released the version 8.0 Andriod OS that mostly used worldwide.

The new version has significant changes in some categories that ensure to improve the main concerns of users. The thing is this new version of Android comes to market when its predecessor, Android Nougat is hardly present in 11% of mobile. But what new features Android 8.0 Oreo? We analyze them.

Better management of notifications

The management of notifications improves with each Android update. We saw in Nougat, and now Oreo takes a step forward to help everyday users. Thus, notifications are grouped by contact, so that they appear better organized.

And with what they have called Notification Dots, icons for each app will display a marker that will access a menu that includes everything in it.

Battery Management

Every OS update brings a better battery management. Android 8.0 Oreo was not going to stay behind, it works mainly for reducing consumption of background applications.

To achieve this, they set three different levels: apps that give location information, apps that show notifications and apps that perform heavy tasks in the background.

Dynamic Icons

The icons are more dynamic in Android 8.0 Oreo, but the best thing is that they are customizable. In fact, you can choose how you prefer icon: Square? Triangle? Circle? Icons can also expand in size when pinches on them.

Picture in Picture mode

Thanks to Picture in Picture mode, you can have a floating video window on any app you have open.

The multitasking takes on more importance than ever since it will allow, for example, to take notes while watching a YouTube video or make a video.

Intelligent text selection

Probably one of the things you do most often on your mobile: select text to copy it. Hence, this step will now become more intelligent and suggest you immediately open different applications depending on your selection. So, if you select a number, it proposes to call or whether, on the contrary, choose a direction, will suggest open Google Maps.


Sure you're already used this function to Autofill Google Chrome, right? Now Google introduces so you can use third - party applications, which will save a lot of time when you type anything.


Need more emoji? Not quite. Google's redesigns to bring them to other platforms and easier to understand.

Availability of Android 8.0 Oreo

Oreo Android 8.0 is coming soon to Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL and Nexus Player. According to Google, different manufacturers such as Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global (Nokia), Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, and Sony are already working on Android Oreo for the new version reaches some of their mobiles before year end.

Android 8.0 Oreo is now a reality. After months of its speculation about the name and features, Google officially released the version 8...

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Spain | AIB

Ancient exemplars left by the Romans and Moors, the medieval castles of the interior, the white villages within Andalusia and the vibrant cities of Barcelona and Madrid are just a few of the broad mix of cultural attractions in Spain, a destination that would worth a visit. 

Enjoy a widely varied landscape, from the evergreen estuaries of Galicia to many brilliant beaches that dot the Spanish coast. Although this beautiful destination usually has many visitors in summer, we found some lovely beaches and worthy of the occasion.

These are the top ten tourist attractions in Spain you will enjoy a lot during the holiday season:

Palacio Real

The Royal Palace of Madrid is the formal residence of the King of Spain, although it has only used for state ceremonies. The Royal Palace built in between 1738 and 1755 and King Charles III took up residence in the palace in 1764.  

Running of the Bulls

Pamplona is a city of Navarra, famous for its San Fermin festival held every year from 6 to 14 July. Spanish tradition says the real origin of the run began in Spain during the early 14th century. While moving cattle to sell them at the market, men would try to hurry the process by using tactics of fear and excitement. When the popularity of this practice increased, it was noticed as a tradition.


Alhambra is a reflection of the history of the last ages of the Moorish rule of Al Andalus, diminished to the Nasrid Emirate of Granada. It is a spot where artists and scholars had taken refuge as the Reconquista by Spanish Christians won victories over Al Andalus. This palace built in the fourteenth century is now one of the major tourist attractions in Spain.


This island in the Mediterranean Sea is well known for its association with nightlife, music that arose in the island, and for the summer club scene, all of which attracts scores of tourists drawn to that type of holiday.

Mosque of Cordoba

It is believed that the site of the Mosque-Cathedral was formerly a Christian church dedicated to Saint Vincent the 3rd, which was divided and shared by Muslims and Christians after the Islamic conquest of the Visigothic kingdom. This Mosque-Cathedral is famous for the forest of pillars and arches in the main hall, with an interesting story behind the building is a fascinating destination to enjoy visiting. 

La Concha

It one of the best beaches in Europe, the shell in San Sebastian seems a hidden gem, where achieves surfing and rides along the seafront restaurants and enjoying the beautiful views of the beach. 


Placed between Madrid and Valencia, Cuenca is a beautiful example of a medieval town built on the steep sides of a mountain. Numerous "hanging houses" are built to the edge of the cliff, making Cuenca one of the most stunning cities in Spain, a jewel in the region of Castilla La Mancha. 

Sacred Family

This large unfinished Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, has a design of Antonio Gaudí, a Catalan architect who managed on this project for nearly 40 years. The construction progressed very slowly because it was relied on private contributions and was hindered by the Spanish Civil War, only to resume occasional growth in the 1950s and the construction yet to complete.

Aqueduct of Segovia

One of the best-preserved aqueduct left by the Romans in Spain. During the Roman era, each of the three highest arches displayed a sign in bronze letters, showing the name of its builder along with the date of construction.

El Escorial

This attraction was the political center of the Spanish Empire under King Philip II but now works as a monastery, royal palace, museum, and school, visit and learn what lay behind this story. 

Ancient exemplars left by the Romans and Moors, the medieval castles of the interior, the white villages within Andalusia and the vibran...

Apps that Help you Master your Daily Budgeted Expenses | AIB

Everyone loves to wander but always blame their pocket for not going on a dream trip. There are a lot of apps that can reduce your travel costs or, at any rate, prevent you from splurging while on an outing. From booking flights and lodgings to going inside a city, these applications enable you to deal with the monetary side of your getaway. So right away, here's a rundown of the five best travel budget apps that help to deal with your costs and make it a cakewalk!

1. Oyo Rooms

Picking between such a large number of lodgings was never this simple. To get cheaper rooms near your location and huge-offs, try out an Oyo Room. With this superhuman application, you can book a room, arrange room benefits, and even pay for your remain. Also, with special arrangments that make accommodation much more affordable.

2. Zophop

If you prefer to ditch the private cars in favor of public transport, Zophop app will help enable you to unravel the timetable of buses and trains. The app has schedules of 15 cities. You get real-time information on departures, arrivals, cancellations and delays, live bus timings and can even buy a bus pass.

3. Nearbuy

Make each day beautiful with nearbuy. Nearbuy helps you find the best things to do, eat and purchase. From tattoo parlors to music shows, end of the week getaways to universal excursions, motion picture tickets to amusement parks, the inn offers to five-star dinners, all that you need is currently inside reach. Try not to stop yet, take it wherever you run with the nearbuy portable application.

4. Ixigo

Locate the least expensive air tickets with enormous cash back on flight admissions. Ixigo finds flights that are cheaper than you could on your own. These unique features such as Automated web check-in, Smart fare alerts, Holiday Calendar, Flight status & tracking, 3D touch, Apple Wallet supports makes it an amazing app to apt for.

5. Swiggy

Confused about where to eat in another city or town? Swiggy works in a considerable measure of spots. Swiggy! With Swiggy, you can track the nearest restaurants based on cuisine, with reviews in wherever place you are and track your request from the eatery to your doorstep. 

Everyone loves to wander but always blame their pocket for not going on a dream trip. There are a lot of apps that can reduce your trave...

3 Simple Steps to Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals | AIB

Fear is one of the various common reasons why people defer doing something to achieve their goals. Postponing or hesitating is an effort to avoid failure, rejection, disappoint or anger someone you love, get hurt or just have a hard time.

Being afraid is normal, but it is necessary to remember that, as humans, we have evolved into a stage in which almost all our fears are self-created. We are frightened ourselves by imagining adverse results of any event. Fear, in fact, is a vision that seems real to us.

These are three simple steps to overcome fears and achieve our goals:

Always be Positive!

When we are afraid, our mind is full of negative feelings and ideas. When you are scared, make yourself aware of the thoughts that come to your head. Then choose to reinstate them with a positive vision and the desired result. For example, if you're afraid to start your own business because you think you will end up losing your house, imagine your new business becoming a great success and buying a second holiday home with all the additional income you're earning with your new venture.

Focus on Physical Awareness!

You can feel the fear in the body like a knot in the stomach, a tightening in the shoulders and chest, or a high heart rate. Now, focus on the feelings you prefer to be experiencing, such as peace and joy. Let these two sensations come and go for a few moments, and you will see that in a few minutes you will find a more neutral feeling.

Remember your Successes!

You have overcome many fears to be the person you are today: to learn to drive, to ask your mate if she wanted to go on a date and to have the job you have today. New experiences are always a bit scary. But when you face your fears and you do it anyway, you realize that you are capable of doing so. Remember your successes, however small they may seem to you and be your inspiration. If you achieved that, why can not you achieve this?

 At some point, we have been afraid to leap into the unknown. But once done, a new life will begin.

Fear is one of the various common reasons why people defer doing something to achieve their goals. Postponing or hesitating is an effo...