How to Overcome Depression Naturally | AIB

When you get depressed, the best thing to do is get moving, get out and do activities, but depression is certainly the lack of strength and motivation to do that kind of stuff. Depression pushes you to do nothing, leaves you without hope, depression often leads to more misery, so something need be done to combat it.

Depression can make people feel as if their minds had completely rebelled against them. From an unwillingness to physical pain, it can make people work poorly at work, school and social activities. Many individuals who suffer from depression may also have symptoms of anxiety; the hard truth is that depression is not the kind of thing that you just wake up one day and have overcome. We have some tips that may convenient to overcome this:

Get Over It!

Depression may be due to a particular reason, or problems that need solving, or you must make certain changes in your life. But to find solutions and carry them out, you first need to improve your mood and regain strength and motivation. Understand what is happening and 'get over it' and 'stop feeling sorry for yourself.

You are Not Alone!

Depression is a feeling like going driving through a dark tunnel completely alone. It may seem very sad, but remind yourself that feelings are temporary. The family and friends will always be there for you to take care. Say, "you and me against depression, and we will win."

Not Your Fault!

Sometimes you may feel that depression is because there is something wrong with you. Just as when you have the flu, and you cannot remember what it's like to be okay. When your mind is the primary target of the disease, it is even harder to treat because your mind is affected, along with the rest of the body, but feel like it's your fault. It is necessary for you to understand that you are suffering from a disease in much the same way like the flu.

Make a To-Do List!

Make lists of the things you'll do during the day or the week and follow them without thinking. More you let your thoughts you will get caught and entangled, the harder you will be out of depression. Therefore, focus on the list and start doing what's in it focusing all your attention on this activity and nothing else. Use mindfulness to do whatever you have to do, and it will be much easier.

Do Some Exercise!

Just getting some exercise can improve your mood. Of course, a depressed person will hardly find the motivation to do so you have to think how to do it for you is easy. For example, you can buy a step and just start going up and down the step a few times, and you can make it part of your routine. Although the best way to exercise is to find someone you like and motivate you. 

Communicate Your Feelings!

When you're nursing from depression, it can be challenging to put into words what's going through your conscious when you know that not everyone around you will feel the same way especially when there is a stigma of your illness. Try to convey your feelings to your loved ones so they can understand you better.

Remember the Moments of Success!

It is important that you recognize and remember your past successes. It makes you feel proud and reminds that you can do good and valuable things. Relish your achievements and memories in your mind that gave you loads of happiness.

Try to act instead of thinking, focusing your mind on the task or activity you're doing and not the thoughts that arise in your head. And since it is very likely that the depressed person says he can not think of anything to do or not to do anything, lists of activities solve this problem. Do you have another way to find inspiration when you need it? Share it in the comments.

When you get depressed, the best thing to do is get moving, get out and do activities, but depression is certainly the lack of strength ...

Samsung Beats Intel As World's Largest Chipmaker In 2017 | AIB

Intel has lost its long-held title as the world's top computer chip maker. Samsung, the South Korean company, has become the highest semiconductor manufacturer in the world after crossing intel which was dominating the market for past 24 years in the second quarter of the year.

Samsung has achieved record profit of $ 7.2 billion on revenues of $ 15.8 billion. Intel, in comparison, had a profit of $ 2.8 billion on revenues of $ 14.8 billion. What improved Samsung in becoming the king of semiconductor chips is consistent development in the segment of memories and chips for smartphones.

Some tech analysts point out that these two companies will trade the first and second place of this industry in the coming quarters, but the fact is that the expansion of the market for mobile devices benefits Samsung that has spent almost all of its activity there. In fact, Samsung and SK Hynix control more than three-quarters of global sales of DRAM modules and are preparing to increase production of these chips.

Samsung plans to invest some $18.6 billion in South Korea as it seeks to continue its lead in memory chips and next-generation displays for smartphones. While Intel stuck with developing CPUs for laptops, PCs, and servers, will see how Intel responds to this incompetent.

Intel has lost its long-held title as the world's top computer chip maker. Samsung, the South Korean company, has become the highest...

Everything We Know About The Tesla Model 3 | AIB

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturing company has produced its new Sedan Model 3 electric car; it is a highly anticipated car for its relatively low price tag. Tesla has already delivered the cars for first 30 customers. About 500,000 people around the world have paid $1,000 to reserve a car.

The electric manufacturer is evaluating options to foray into the Indian market with Model 3. However, there is a problem with the current tax slab, so they are asking the Government to grant some interim relief on imports till a local assembling plant gets into operation. Telsa Model 3 is one of the most suitable cars for the Indian market. Electric cars have never been an interest in the people, but this car can bring that attention back into this section.

Talking about Tesla Model 3, it seems like a mini model car, and it can accommodate five adults comfortably. It can clock 0-96kmph under 6 seconds, and mileage will be around 346km on a single charge. The car has some surprises starting with no instrument panel, the odometer and other details will be seen on the center screen. No key, the car can be opened, started and locked using a smartphone or a card that comes with the car. Even it has a camera, radar and other hardware for Autopilot. The company will also place supercharger network across India to provide fast charging. 

Tesla Model 3 would start production in 2017, so one can expect the first car in India by 2018. The Model 3 would be retailed as CBU in India and expect the pricing to be around Rs. 35 Lakhs; However, it may avail you a plenty of benefits under the FAME initiative of Government of India.

Tesla , the electric vehicle manufacturing company has produced its new Sedan Model 3 electric car; it is a highly anticipated car for i...

Ring ORII: The World’s First Voice-Powered Bluetooth Smart Ring | AIB

Handling your smartphone is usually consumes your awareness, so you can't understand your surroundings. If you're doing business over the phone that makes even more challenging. So, there is a new device that may help you Orii, an intelligent ring that turns your finger into a mobile phone and lets you send messages with voice and make calls. 

The ring operates as an interface for mobile to attend the call, just press your fingertip over the ear, and the sound will be transmitted through the bone of the index. It uses Bluetooth to connect to mobile and can perform various functions when communicating: make and receive calls, read and send messages, navigation, scheduling activities, reminders, to post to Tweet and to activate voice search in Siri or Google Assistant or translate in real time by tapping your ring our ear.

Bone Sound Technology Makes It Possible! 

In Orii there is a vibration motor and no loudspeaker for producing the sound, The technology used, also known as "Bone Conduction," has been utilized for a long time in many Bluetooth headsets and hearing aids. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last for up to 45 hours of standby - but only a maximum of one and a half hours when you are actively talking on the phone. For this, ORII is designed less for long conversations, but rather for many short interactions with contacts or the language assistants.

Also, you can configure the reception of messages in the app, thanks to the bone conduction you can hear the sound through your finger, this technology used today in medical hearing aids. According to its creators, 'the sound quality is excellent,' so we can hold talks as usually. This device comes in various colors and also it is waterproof and splash-proof.

ORII has dual noise canceling microphones that allow wearers make calls, send text messages, and access Siri or Google assistant right away. It works with iOS and Android apps which automatically filter notifications by assigning certain contacts and apps colors that can flash an LED light on the ring. Taking a call, or avoiding one, has never been easier!

Plus, with access to Siri and Google Assistant, ORII provides a screen-free way to use your smart phone. ORII has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter platform will start selling units in February 2018, and it priced at 159 dollars.

Handling your smartphone is usually consumes your awareness, so you can't understand your surroundings. If you're doing business...

Uncharted: Lost Legacy Likely Not The End Of It's Series | AIB

Uncharted: Lost Legacy originally developed as DLC for Uncharted 4. It grew beyond what Naughty Dog expected and now getting a standalone release. Uncharted Lost Legacy is without its leading man Nathan Drake, but the change of characters is the core of the plot. Begins without Nathan Drake, and say hello to the great adventure of Chloe and Nadine Cross.

The focus changes, but the gameplay does not do much, and it is that the various elements that make up the game have been built from scratch, rather than just reusing the assets already created for Uncharted 4.

The story of the Lost Legacy takes place after the events of Uncharted 4; it focuses on Chloe Frazer, an old associate that Naughty Dog has considered the most interesting character to continue the series. This adventure will help to know more deeply and find out more about of her personality and her past.

Chloe in quest of finding golden Ganesha tusk, an ancient Indian artifact of great value and with a connection to her archeologist father. It takes us to India to get hold of him, but will not be as simple; she must keep it out of the hands of a dangerous military leader named Asav. He is also in pursuance of the tusk; this mythical object is said that whoever possesses it will be able to dominate the inhabitants of the city of Hali Badu and make them obey his commands, allowing you to bring back to life an ancient empire of Hoysala that emerged between the 10 and 14 centuries.

Faced with the danger of the situation, Chloe will need all the help, and she requests to Nadine Ross, a former leader of the Shoreline mercenary group. Forming a moderately shaky partnership, since her army of mercenaries Shoreline has not fared too well, so this expert fighter will join the adventure, both will travel to exciting locales fighting mercenaries and looting tombs, but the relationship between her and Chloe will not be good enough to one can expect. Their ways of thinking and acting are so different that will lead them to clash on numerous occasions.

So Naughty Dog showed the gameplay during the presentation of 'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' stating that the main stage open world that will travel during the game will be the largest seen in any game in the series. However, the developers at Naughty Dog look rather content with Uncharted's next foray into the unknown; maybe this one isn't goodbye after all.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is scheduled to release Aug 22 on PlayStation 4, it costs around Rs 2,499.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy Gameplay Video

Uncharted: Lost Legacy originally developed as DLC for Uncharted 4. It grew beyond what Naughty Dog expected and now getting a standal...

Common Grammar Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Test Score | AIB

Even after years of education and training, there are some things that people still mess up. For some, it’s Maths or Chemistry. And for some it’s grammar. Grammar mistakes can happen to anyone. We all make grammar mistakes from time to time. But if someone is preparing for competitive exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, etc., these grammar mistakes can be fatal for his or her marks in the English Language section of the exam. 

So, to get rid of these silly grammar mistakes, we are providing some common mistakes that people usually make.

• Bad usage of Comma

Commas are used to separate elements in a series, independent clauses, or introductory word or phrase. Bad placement of a comma can change the meaning of a complete sentence. 

• Bad usage of Whom and Who

One of the common mistakes that students usually make is a bad usage of the pronouns, “whom” and “who.” The pronoun “whom” is always an object and the pronoun “who” is always a subject. But still, people say wrong sentences like, “Who did you give the book to?” or “Who should I meet?”.

• Bad usage of Its and It’s

"Its" is the possessive form of it and "It's" is the contraction of "it is" or "it has."  But still lot of people get confused because "its" has an apostrophe s after it, which normally means something is possessive, but it’s actually a contraction. 

• Bad usage of Affect and Effect

Most people get confused with the words “Affect” and “Effect.”  When we talk about the change itself (the noun), we use the word "effect." For example “That book had a great effect on Alex.” But when we talk about the act of changing (the verb) we use the word "affect." For example “That book affected Alex greatly.”

• Bad usage of Lose and Loose

Most people mix up the words “Lose” and “Loose.” This usually happens because they are spelled similarly, but they have completely different meanings. "Lose" is a verb which means to fail to win a contest or a game, or to be unable to find someone or something. It's like losing books or losing a cricket match. On the other hand "Loose" is an adjective which means "not tightly attached, fastened or held," like a loose tooth or loose clothing.

• Bad usage of Fewer and Less

Often we have seen in the checkout aisle of a shopping mall that says "Ten Items or Less." The sentence is actually incorrect. It should be "Ten Items or Fewer" because items are quantifiable and we can count them. We should use "fewer" for things that are quantifiable, like "fewer books" or "fewer matches." We use "less" for things that are not quantifiable, like "less sugar" or "less journey."

Students preparing for competitive exams like CAT Exam should improve their grammar to score well in the exam. We have provided these common grammar mistakes so that students can analyze and correct themselves before appearing for the exam.

About the Author:

With a degree in Engineering, Shankha Samanta is a content writer by profession. He is a vehement reader apart from writing and blogging along with part-time teaching. He is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.


Even after years of education and training, there are some things that people still mess up. For some, it’s Maths or Chemistry. And for ...

Best Natural Ways to Quit Smoking | AIB

Smoking is one of the most delicate habits for humans because it contains at least 69 things that can cause cancer. Breathing in cigarette smoke is very toxic to the lungs. The damage begins with the first puff and continues until the smoker quits. It harms nearly every organ of the body; smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. 

It is also subject to many other diseases and health problems. These include lung disease, heart, and blood vessel disease, stroke and cataracts. So, why a person still chooses to continue smoking? The answer is one word: it's is an addiction. Nicotine is one of the most addictive, comparable even with heroin or cocaine substances.

Breathing in cigarette smoke is very toxic to the lungs. The damage begins with the first puff and continues until the smoker quits.

Today we will discuss some ways to know how to quit smoking:

Get Committed!

The majority of the time it fails because there is no clear commitment to quit smoking, only a mere declaration of intent. Pick a date and time shortly that you foresee to be relatively stress-free so you can prepare to stop smoking.

Tell Everyone!

It is the typical advice given, and people struggle to put into practice because he knows that if he fails, the next day will shame. Tell everyone is the best way to engage further with the intention of quitting. Ask your family to support you by keeping distract from nicotine withdrawal.

Have a Plan for Anxiety!

You may reach for a cigarette when you're feeling stressed, lonely, or depressed. Having an alternative method to smoking is a good idea, keep something handy to give your mouth something to do when it occurs.

Be clear about the Advantages and Benefits!

Your mind will try to trick you light a cigar. You might think that because you smoke a cigar or nothing happens from now you're going to smoke less amount, or you're going through a slump, and you're going to postpone for later. It is a self - deception.

For these reasons should you have clear all the advantages that entail quitting: do not fit doubt that it will be one of the best decisions of your life and you will feel psychologically replete with having taken such decision.

Reward Something Yourself!

With all the bucks you have saved by not buying a cigarette, you can shop something good for yourself or start a new hobby. Some people keep their cigarette money in a jar, then reward themselves with a treat each week.

Seek Medical Treatment!

Smoking is a disease and as such, their chances of cure increases if you have the help of a doctor, and just because this health professional may prescribe some medications. Psychological counseling is also highly useful in these situations.

The attitude must be positive to achieve the changes we want in our mental, physical and emotional state. 

Medical experts believe that if a person who stops smoking his benefits will start in just 20 minutes. Smokers who quit in their sixties improve their life expectancy by one year. When you quit smoking, you live longer and those additional years are spent in with much better health.

Smoking is one of the most delicate habits for humans because it contains at least 69 things that can cause cancer. Breathing in cigaret...

Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone Launched At Effective Price | AIB

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio today launched 4G feature phone at the 40th annual general meeting (AGM) in Mumbai. The Phone will be free, but customers will have to deposit a fee of Rs 1500 for security purposes which will be refundable after three years on returning the phone. It means the phone will be available at an effective cost of zero. Besides that, he also announced its cable TV device.

India ka Intelligent SmartPhone - Jio Phone! 

The Jio Phone was presented by Akash and Isha Ambani, exhibiting the phone’s support voice commands, along with feature phone functionality. Isha Ambani said that the phone looks simple by design, to guarantee that it is easy to use. The phone comes with inbuilt apps and browser installed aside from Jio’s offerings too. On stage, we caught glimpses of the JioPhone browser, Facebook, and also PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat broadcast.

Jio will also add NFC support to the Phone to allow tap and payment solutions with an associated bank account, Akash Ambani said. It will also assist UPI payments, and debit and credit card payments, comparable to Samsung Pay, he said. 

JioPhone will make the 2G Feature Phone Obsolete! 

Jio phone's both voice and data will be free with an affordable monthly plan of Rs 153 along with the Jio apps; users can also choose to give Rs. 309 per month to get all that, plus the support for mirroring your screen on a TV, via a cable that can even be plugged into any TVs including old CRT TVs that you have. The Company is also offering weekly sachet plans for Rs 54, and a two-day plan of Rs 24. This plan will put an end to unaffordable plans for Indians forever, said Ambani.

"On the Jio Phone voice will be free forever, second, the 50 crore feature phone users in India still don't have access to the basic internet. Today I consider every young people in India should get information at their fingertips and that is what jio phone is all about. To get a digital life, everyone needs access to data at affordable charges. So from this 15th August, I am declaring digital freedom for all feature phone users. Jio Phone will give them access to unlimited data on the Jio phone, said Ambani at Reliance AGM. 

Reliance JioPhone with 4G VoLTE Features! 

Reliance JioPhone with 4G VoLTE feature phone sports a square design, along with a 2.4-inch QVGA display. It comes with an Alphanumeric keypad and a dedicated button for Torchlight. It features a headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and supports FM Radio as well.

Jio feature phone will be open for beta testing from this 15th August, while pre-booking will begin from 24th August and it will be available in near stores from September this year.

Here are the highlights of Reliance AGM:

Jio adoption even faster than WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook!

In less than 170 days, Jio hit 100 million, 7 customers per second.

India was 155th in terms of mobile data consumption before Jio, now ranked 1.

India has overtaken the US and China in terms of mobile data usage.

Jio phone supports all of India’s 22 languages!

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Jio today launched 4G feature phone at the 40th annual general meeting (AGM) in Mumbai. The Phone will be...

Indian Lawmakers Choose RN Kovind As New President | AIB

Ram Nath Kovind was the nominee by the NDA had been elected as the country's new president. He was the clear favorite for the largely ceremonial post, which has decided by 4,800 lawmakers across the country.

Unexpectedly, there was cross voting in several states which helped Kovind to secure 65.6 per cent of the votes from an electoral college drawn from more than 4,000 members of 31 legislative assemblies across the country and 776 members of Parliament. While UPA's nominee Meira Kumar managed to get 34.35 per cent.

After his victory is announced, Kovind said he was conscious of the great duties of his post, adding that "it was a very emotional moment" for him, never thought that I would become president. It was never my goal; he said this election is a "symbol of the greatness of Indian democracy."

The former governor of Bihar, Kovind (71), will be India's second Dalit President after RK Narayanan since Freedom to occupy India's highest ceremonial post. The first, who served from 1997 to 2002, was K.R. Narayanan, a skilled diplomat who spoke Chinese and became India's first ambassador to Beijing, and later Washington.

While the president is the head of the state, executive powers are vested in the prime minister, and his ministers to executive power, but the president sometimes plays a part such as deciding which party should form a govt if a general election is inconclusive under India's Constitution.

Outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee, who completes his five-year term on July 24 will succeed by Kovind as India’s 14th President by taking oath next day.

Ram Nath Kovind was the nominee by the NDA had been elected as the country's new president. He was the clear favorite for the largel...

Demanding For State Flag Is Anti-National? | AIB

The state of Karnataka had an unofficial 'Kannada flag' since 1960, the red and yellow flag is familiar with the local people, and many Kannada activists also wear it as a shawl during agitations from decades. People of Karnataka hoist this flag on 1 November every year to celebrate the state formation day. For years, there has been a demand to recognize it as the state's official flag. 

On Tuesday, the Karnataka state administration decision to form a nine-member panel to look into the demand has exploded into a major controversy ahead of the Assembly elections. 

Why Karnataka Want Its Own Flag? 

At the time, the state is fighting legal cases with all of its neighbors over sharing water from different rivers. Apart from the legal dispute over Cauvery, the state has clasped in similar disputes over the Krishna, Godavari and Mahadayi rivers. There is also a longstanding dispute over Belagavi district, which some want to be integrated with Maharashtra, this is also one of the reasons for such a demand.

Karnataka has an unofficial red and yellow color flag which is used for cultural events as a symbol of Kannada Pride. 

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, however, has questioned if there is any stipulation in the Law which prevents the state from having its own flag. While the BJP has decided to flag up the controversy as an issue of 'anti-nationalism.'

What Does The Law Say? 

There are three main Acts which oversee the matters of flags and flag hoisting. While it speaks of the National Flag and its protocol, the Acts remain silent on the issue of states can have its flag or not. It is a grey area. Since this is the case, there is no problem in Karnataka having its own flag. 

The only state in the country that is permitted its own flag is Jammu and Kashmir, which holds special status under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

How Does The World Deal With This Kind of Matter? 

Most nations around the world that follow a federal system allow regional flags. Countries like the United States, Germany, Australia, and Myanmar allow different regions to have a different regional flag to show their distinct identity. The value of a local flag does not mean rebuff of the national flag. It is a concern of local uniqueness. 

Karnataka has already an official state verse, and there is a feeling that there is nothing wrong with having a state flag, having a state flag will not disrupt the unity and integrity of the country and will not reduce the stature of the national flag. The national flag will always fly higher than the state flag; there are no two ways about it. Most importantly, the Constitution of India does not ban such flags.

Sadly, the discussion is not leading into account the diversity of our country but has only directed on unity. In a country like India, diversity is unity. Unity cannot have a strong base without diversity.

Jai Karnataka Mathe! Jai Kannada! Jai Karnataka!

The state of Karnataka had an unofficial 'Kannada flag' since 1960, the red and yellow flag is familiar with the local peop...

Dunkirk Review: The Exceptional War Movie Ever Made | AIB

Movies have taught us wars from so many points of view, in some cases we almost know by heart what happened in particular battles. Also, it was hard to think that a war zone will be able to surprise us by showing us the horrors of those events that brought to light is the worst face of humanity.

'Dunkirk' is also one of the smallest films of its director, since its duration is only 1 hour and 47 minutes. It tells us an important episode of World War II known as Operation Dinamo, which was the response of the French Resistance to the Assault of the German army. Before the advance of Hitler, the rebels evacuated the allied soldiers of Dunkirk between May and June of 1940.

Dunkirk begins with a scene in which enemy forces are trapping Allied troops on the beaches under air and ground cover from British and French troops, with the sea cutting their way they face an impossible situation as the enemy approaches. At the end of this valiant mission, 330,000 French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated. Harry Styles, Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, James D'Arcy, Jack Lowden, Barry Keoghan and Tom Glynn-Carney as the cast recounts the horrific World War II battle.

In brief, 'Dunkirk' is a masterpiece and one of the best film by Christopher Nolan. He wrote the script, told from three viewpoints–the land, sea, and air–to contain little dialogue and create suspense solely through details, and he knows how to hook us from the first scene and keeps on the edge of the chair at all times. 

While it is not for the average moviegoers – if you’re looking for a fun and silly action flick there are other options around – it is the first real contender for ‘Best Picture,' and many other technical awards. If nothing else, it is yet another landmark execution by one of the most influential and proficient storytellers in the modern age of filmmaking.

'Dunkirk' is scheduled to be released on 21 July 2017 in India.

Movies have taught us wars from so many points of view, in some cases we almost know by heart what happened in particular battles. Also,...

The 7 Sights You Don't Want To Miss In Rome | AIB

Rome is one of the world's most magnificent ancient cities, assessing by its numerous monuments, structures and priceless works of art. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it could certainly take you a lifetime to see all of the beautiful gems that the eternal city has to offer. Now we want to show you the most beautiful and impressive monuments of Rome that you must visit.

1. The Roman Coliseum

The Colosseum is seemingly the most remarkable building of the Roman Empire and one of the must-see Monuments of Rome, primarily known as the Flavian Amphitheater. Emperor Vespasian, the founder of the Flavian dynasty, began the construction of the Coliseum in 72 AD. It was completed in AD 80, a year after Vespasian's death.

The Coliseum could accommodate about 55,000 spectators entering through 80 entrances. It has four floors; the upper one contained seats for low classes and women. It was in use for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunting, hangings, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology. 

An earthquake in 847 damaged the south side of the Coliseum including the marble cladding. Still, it is an iconic symbol of Imperial Rome.

2. The Pantheon of Agrippa

The Pantheon of Agrippa is a circular temple built at the beginning of the Roman Empire, dedicated to all the gods. The Byzantine emperor Phocas presented it to Pope Boniface IV in 608, who transformed the Pantheon into a Christian church. It was consecrated to Sancta Maria ad Martyres, now known as Santa Maria dei Martir. Since the Renaissance, the Pantheon has been in use as a burial place. It was a cemetery for the famous Romans.

 It is the best-preserved building of ancient Rome and completed in c. 125 CE in the reign of Hadrian. Its majestic dome is a lasting testimony to the genius of the Roman architects. The Pantheon has gone through many natural disasters that caused its damage; However, it has always been restored. It is certainly one of the Monuments of Rome that you will not want to miss.

3. Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is a rectangular place that enclosed by the ruins of several ancient government buildings in the core of Italy. This valley initially ran as a burial site of the ancient Romans. It then became a particularly central market for the daily affairs of the locals known as the Forum Magnum.

The forum was the center of Rome in age, in political, legal, religious and commercial aspects. It also witnessed the most significant moments that have been marked over the centuries. Augustus was crowned emperor here. Also, the Senate decided on war or peace in this area. There were also open discussions on social issues and almost everything else. Everyone used this vibrant center, even the people from nearby villages.

4. Catacombs of Rome

The Catacombs of Rome are a series of ancient mausoleums and underground cemetery, surely one of the monuments of Rome that attract the most attention. There were at least forty, some discovered only in recent decades. They are known for their Christian burials, either in separate catacombs or mixed, people of all the Roman religions are buried in them, beginning in the 2nd century AD mainly as a response to overcrowding and shortage of land. These were first made with the corpse embalmed, wrapped in linen and then buried. Other ancient Romans, however, believed in cremation. The ashes of the cremated body kept in containers.

It was believed that the catacombs existed from the first stage of the second century and used until the ninth century. Then the bodies were removed and placed outside the walls of the city of Rome for reasons related to sanitation and hygiene. It has believed that the relics of Paul and Peter were buried in the catacombs during the third century. Each of the compartments of the catacombs was richly adorned with Christian emblems such as fish, anchors, pigeons, and vines. Although some areas were covered with moss and mildews, the catacombs still look astounding.

5. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain of the Baroque in Rome designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci. The history of this fountain dates back to the times of Emperor Augustus. According to legend, it was a mysterious maiden who indicated to General Agrippa, the location of the spring on the outskirts of Rome. To bring water to the city, Agrippa built an aqueduct, which in honor of the maiden was called Aqua Virgo, it served Rome for more than 400 years.

Today the fountain is famous all over the world and visited by thousands of tourists every day to throw a coin back with the intention of returning to the Eternal City. Coins are purportedly meant to be thrown using the right hand over the left shoulder. It is one of the Monuments of Rome that you will not want to miss.

6. Baths of Caracalla

The Caracalla baths were private baths and bathrooms for the public. These bathrooms were accessible to all, poor, rich, men, women, youth and adults. They were not only used for bathing. The place also has a conference room with libraries, shops, gardens, terraces, reception rooms, changing rooms, saunas, and massage rooms. It was a large complex with an area of ​​120,000 square meters that could accommodate 1600 guests. It was built with red bricks and was richly decorated with beautiful frescoes and mosaics. The best known is the colorful collection of the athlete. This collection was in the exhibit at the Vatican Museums.

Emperor Septimius commissioned the construction but were not completed during his reign. After his death, his son took over the supervision of building construction. There were 216 finished baths and was named as Thermae Antoninianae. Over the years, this name was changed into Baños de Caracalla. Today, there is only one ruins complex that serves as a shade of the large bathhouse that it once was. However, it is one of the monuments of Rome that are worth a visit.

7. Basilica of Saint Peter

You will not always have the opportunity to get to know one of the six European micro states. The Vatican is a city - state whose territory consists of an enclave within the city of Rome. The history of Europe and the world, in one way or another, has been linked to the figure of the Pope. For all this, in the Vatican, the Catholic Church has its unique expression and a great legacy for history.

Basilica of Saint Peter is the most notable work of Renaissance architecture and the biggest church in the world. While it is not the mother church of the Catholic Church nor the Basilica of the Diocese of Rome, St. Peter's is considered as one of the divine Catholic shrines. It has defined as "holding a unique position in the Christian world" and as "the greatest of all churches of Christendom."

In the Vatican is not only the Basilica of St. Peter but also the Vatican Museums where Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. A visit of the wonders of the Vatican will help you to experience them.

Rome is one of the world's most magnificent ancient cities, assessing by its numerous monuments, structures and priceless works of ...

Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Be Better | AIB

Why should we try to improve something in which we are poor, rather than achieve something in what we are already good?

When we choose a particular goal in our life, people around us including our family members may think that it is not a correct decision. In some cases, we can't even convince them at all until we achieve something. Don't worry about that follow your heart standby on the decision.

The pressure always brings best out of us. To get far in our destiny, we must be perfect at something in particular; We must have skills and talent in one specific area, but not need to be in all.

I once heard the story of a teacher who called the mother of one of his students and said,

"Your child has done very well in the drawing but very poorly in mathematics. What are you going to do about it? "

And the mother replied:

"I will target private math classes with a tutor and make sure he study at least 2 hours a day."

And the teacher replied:

"Don't! That would be a mistake. Sign up to an art academy! That's what he's good at! "

Don't compare to others, you should be recognized for unique value and should have the strength to become better every day. Also, good to have the dreams of teaching others so as to help them to succeed. Everyone should understand that not everyone has the same types of intelligence, looks, interests, or talents.

Why should we try to improve something in which we are poor, rather than achieve something in what we are already good? When we choose...

How to Keep Jogging Without Getting Tired | AIB

When we start an exercise routine that involves running, we soon become discouraged because we tire very fast. It discourages us, and we give up our training plan, with some tricks and tips to jog without getting tired you can avoid falling into old habits of sedentarism.

With these simple tips, you will be able to jog without limits to train your body. Do not overreact; it is the first advice you should follow when it comes to jogging.

It can be frustrating to start jog by short distance while other runners pass us by and share their achievements in social networks. But, perseverance is your best ally when it comes to running. What's the hurry?

It requires your body as much as it can give and a little more, this will accustom you to new demands every week. The first week you go jogging do it for only five minutes if you have been completely sedentary. Go improving each week gradually until you reach the time you want to jog, sooner or later you will achieve.

Tips for jogging without tiring! 

Control your heart rate!

You can regulate your exercise knowing your maximum heart rate, for this is enough to subtract your age to 220. When you start to train you should keep your heart rate to 65% of the value you get. You must keep it until you feel how your resistance has increased, then increase the intensity to achieve a heart rate at 85% of your maximum rate.

Proper Breathing!

When you start running breathe the least you need, that is, breathe slowly as if you were walking. You must habituate to your body to run with the minimum amount of oxygen in order to be more efficient in the use of it. The oxygen we take goes to our cells and helps with the burning of glucose to convert it into energy. The oxygen we take contributes to making energy molecules known as ATP. Without this energy, our muscles will not work properly.

Proper breathing prevents bad postures and introduces your mind into a state of maximum concentration that will keep you away from the fatigue and discomfort that causes you to run.

Healthy Diet!

It is an essential step not to get tired; you must maintain a proper diet and fill energy that is easy to burn for your cells, that is, carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are degraded to small amounts of sugars in the bloodstream and muscles in the form of glycogen. The glucose that is not used is stored in the liver and reserves when the body needs. Consuming low carbohydrates or small amounts can make you tired while jogging, which is why you should consume bran bread, fruit and yogurt two hours before training.

Proper Sleep!

You should sleep 8 to 10 hours during the night before jogging to improve your performance. With some tips to sleep better, this will not be a significant problem. Otherwise, the fatigue will be transferred to your training.

How to improve running resistance?

If your body still does not get used to training try to run at intervals, jog for 1 minute and walk for 4, do it about three times and you have trained 20 minutes. When this becomes easier you can double the jogging time and reduce the time in which you walk by one minute, continue that way until you reduce the walking time to 0 and you can jog 20 minutes without tiring yourself.

The race pace should be smooth enough to allow you to talk to someone while jogging. When you jog comfortably 20 minutes, it increases 5 minutes and continues like this until you reach your goal. Then, when you jog 40 minutes alters the days running 30 and 40 minutes to allow your body to recover.

Improve speed when running!

Make adjustments to jog faster in your easy runs, take them out according to their original length. You should run shorter median races at a more rapid rate. Once you master them, increase your medium runs until you reach their original duration. Once your fastest rhythm becomes your new "normal" rhythm, repeat the process to add more speed at a much faster pace.

These tips for jogging without tiring require a lot of patience and perseverance. If you stay focused on the training plan, you will soon be able to run for a long time without worrying about fatigue.

Do you notice any changes? Do you know more tips for jogging without getting tired and improving performance? Share it in the comments. Share your experience, and we will love to read it!

When we start an exercise routine that involves running, we soon become discouraged because we tire very fast. It discourages us, and we...