Elon Musk Plans to Link the Human Brain with Artificial Intelligence | AIB

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk currently CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has launched a medical research startup company called Neuralink in California. The goal is to develop the technology that will connect human brains to a computer directly.

What is Neuralink?

It is a medical research firm that aims to develop brain-computer interfaces, called 'Neural Lace', a technology that could enable the rooting of small electrodes into the brain, that may allow humans to connect directly with what he calls 'the digital version of yourselves' - electronic devices.

The neural cord involves implanting electrodes in the brain so people can load or download their thoughts to or from a machine, according to the report. The product could enable humans to achieve higher levels of cognitive function. We can quickly realise that is simply hacking brain.

Musk has previously urged the improvement of human cognition to prevent people from being overtaken by artificial intelligence.Musk has expressed an interest in "neural cord" technology before. He first described the potential product at the Vox Media Code Convention in 2016, said it would enable humans to gain "symbiosis" with machines and he also asserted that the neural cord could prevent people from becoming the "domestic cats" of artificial intelligence.

"To a certain extent, we are already a cyborg," Musk said at the Dubai conference. "You think of the digital tools you have, on your phone, on your computer, of the applications you have ... You already have a digital tertiary layer."

Although this is the future plan, the first Neuralink products could be used to treat disorders such as epilepsy or clinical depression indicates the report. What is a reality is that there is still much to do in the field of neuroscience before the neural cord is a reality. There are also risks to consider. Only the future will show us where the neural cord comes in, but judging by Musk's past projects, we could say that he will continue to work until he gets there.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk currently CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has launched a medical research startup co...

How to Permanently Delete Files on Android | AIB

Every day new cell phones hit the markets with impressive features, our phone gets old too early. When we buy a new one, we will sell our old phone.

The data that we delete in our device will not get eliminated completely, a lot of personal data whether it is important or just general data still exists on the phone, with specific programs, it is possible to recover them. Android is no exception and the photos, videos and other types of files that we erase remain in its memory even if we do not see them.

The "inappropriate" photos and videos that could compromise us if someone retrieves them and other people can read saved Whatsapp conversations, in backup files. One way to eliminate the data of Android before we sell is by performing a factory reset, but it does not guarantee data will get completely erased. Therefore, it is better to use the encryption feature available in Android and then do a factory reset. Personal data may still be recovered someone without consent.

In general, for these types of records and any other, erasing with security is a convenient measure if we want to make it disappear definitively. To do this, we must take advantage of some application developed for this purpose.

Files deleted on Android phones are hidden and occupy a space in what we know as free or available memory. It occurs in both internal and external memory for SD cards. These files will remain there until the space they occupy required to store some other information. In this way, the more room available, the more likely that a deleted file will remain unchanged and therefore recoverable.

As you know, quite a lot of applications or programs that can recover lost or deleted data for free, such as Recuva with quite a few steps. Someone who is not very expert on the technology could easily do so.

Secure Delete!

It allows the unharmed deletion of the files that we choose. The free version has a significant limitation and is that it only works with photos of the jpg type. If we do not want to pay to install the Pro version, we will only be able to delete the photos definitively and quickly.

Once you have located the folder where we have the images, we must select them and then click on "Make sure to remove". In the following screen, we should write "yes" to confirm that we want to delete the photos permanently.

Secure Wipe!

This application allows us to safely delete the free space of the phone memory, all of them. We will see how the detected memories show us. In the case of the next image, the application has identified three different memories in the phone, the system memory, the internal memory that identifies as an SD and the external memory that shows it as a secondary SD.

Through this applications, we can "clean" the memory where the deleted files were for them to disappear definitively. We must choose the memory unit by checking its box and then click on "Start Wiping."

The operation may take several minutes for large memory cards, on the order of half an hour or more. And the developer advises even repeat the process to get a greater security in the cleaning operation.

Every day new cell phones hit the markets with impressive features, our phone gets old too early. When we buy a new one, we will sell ou...

How to Stop Wasteful Spending Unplugged | AIB

Are you experiencing uncontrolled shopping habits lately? If you are accustomed to extravagant regarding shopping, you must immediately change the practice. Wasteful spending not only harms you but also hurt the people around you.

To avoid extravagant spending, make sure that saving is compulsory for you. Make saving money a routine that you do every month, preferably every week. Set aside money from your income for savings for the purpose in the future.

So that you need high motivation to save, you need to specify a target or goal you why you are saving. Yes, if you explicitly specify what the money was for, you certainly will have its spirit to continue to increase the amount of your savings target or goal that you immediately materialise.

Then, how to solve it? Here are a few things to overcome this problem as described in the list.

Create a Shopping List!

If you have never been and is not used to create a shopping list, you should start now try to make it. That should be done to minimise expenses. Usually, we are often tempted to buy the goods offered in discount that we don't need. Remember back to you in saving targets, and return to the principle of being a frugal lifestyle you apply. Therefore, to make a grocery list can train your discipline in controlling the money.

Prioritise your Monthly Bills! 

Electricity, school fees, credit cards, and others who became a monthly bill that you have to pay on a regular basis, should also be prioritised, you know. Make sure that you pay the bill on time and within budget.

Distinguish between Wants and Needs! 

You should be able to identify if what you want is a need or desire. But if this is merely a desire, it helps you rethink wisely, whether it's your spending right time to meet your wishes. Learn to not make wishes as a priority. To fulfil all your wishes will only create wasteful spending money. Before deciding to buy a dress, we should be seen our closet first to make sure there are no new clothes which have not used yet.

Compare Before you Buy

Window shopping is, of course, necessary to implement. Such activities can help you to make a price estimate of products in the store are from one another. Since the price offered by stores always different although the goods offered will be similar.Do not spend your money in vain, if you do not want curiosity where your money went at the end of the month.

Reduce the use of Credit Cards

For credit card, users should need to be careful. Keep in mind that the credit card is to provide a sense of security by not carrying cash in large amounts, not as a tool to allow you owe. So, before you decide to use a credit card, make sure that your credit card bills not to swell.

Bring Lunch from Home 

One more easy way to quit excessive spending is Bring lunch! Yes, sometimes lunch hour is enough to drain the money in the wallet. But all of this can be minimised by bringing lunch from home. We do not need complicated, get up early and prepare dishes to save expenses.

Are you experiencing uncontrolled shopping habits lately? If you are accustomed to extravagant regarding shopping, you must immediately ...

'Power Rangers' (2017) Movie Round-Up | AIB

Power Rangers is a superhero genre Action, Fantasy and Sci-Fi movie. This film is the adaptation of the famous TV series of the 1990s  directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac). The cast features actors Elizabeth Banks as villain Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston in the role of Zordon, In addition to the young RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Naomi Scott, Becky G. and Dacre Montgomery as the five teenagers who become the Power Rangers.

The Story

Billy, Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Jason are a group of teenagers with the usual concerns of their age. But all changes for them when they come after an unusual object they find that they have superpowers. Overnight, they become superheroes, so they decide to take advantage of their incredible qualities to save the earth. And that is, Angel Grove, the small town where they live, and the rest of the world are in danger because of an alien threat.

The plot

The team led by the Power Rangers Zordon defeated. One of their friends, the Green Ranger Rita Repulsa, turn on against them and at the crucial moment, a meteor hit the battlefield - separating Zordon and Rita, and we brought into the present. Knowing Rita will get up and destroy the world with the power of gold, Zordon will try to find a new force. Unfortunately for Zordon, five people who managed to find a morphing coin, five humans were worthy of the strength as the Rangers, it was a teenager. Still child labile yesterday afternoon, with all the world's problems of their young blood. So they need to be trained first. We will look at the five figures we are trying to know each other and develop a sense of friendship. Because not only they did not know each other, each of them is children with mental problems either rebel or too individualistic.

 It is an action superhero movie that is exciting, Billy (RJ Cyler) will be seen as Blue Ranger, Zack (Ludi Lin) will become the Black Ranger, Kimberly (Naomi Scott) will become the Pink Ranger, Trini (Becky G. ) Will be the Yellow Ranger and Jason (Dacre Montgomery) the Red Ranger. Together they will have to battle against the evil alien villain Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), to avoid that the Earth falls in its claws.

Overall, "Power Rangers" is awfully good movie and they will be back with the sequel. 

Power Rangers is a superhero genre Action, Fantasy and Sci-Fi movie. This film is the adaptation of the famous TV series of the 1990s  d...

Causes And Effects Of Climate Change | AIB

The primary reason for climate change is a global increase in energy consumption, as well as industrial activity, transport, agriculture and deforestation. These are leading to an increase in the emissions of CO2 and methane to the atmosphere. Climate change even changing earth surface temperature causing global warming.

Human movement since the Industrial Revolution has influenced mainly the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases that have helped to amplify the natural greenhouse effect. These greenhouse gases absorb and re-emit the radiation in long wave, returning it to the terrestrial surface, causing the increase of temperature. 

Climate change is likely to have direct impacts on the functioning of ecosystems and on the transmission of animal diseases, which may present pathogens that are potentially hazardous to humans. Water acidification: the increase The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to a higher concentration of CO2 in the ocean. As a result, seawater becomes acidic because, in contact with water, CO2 has transformed into carbonic acid. From 1751 to 2004, the pH (hydrogen potential) of the surface waters of the oceans decreased from 8.25 to 8.14. This acidification represents a major risk for coral reefs and certain types of plankton threatening the equilibrium of many ecosystems. 

Twenty years ago, the international scientist community was debating whether Earth was undergoing a change in its climate. At present, the discourse has varied, and efforts are focused on assessing the magnitude of the problem and preventing its consequences.

According to the IPCC (International Panel of Experts on Climate Change), global warming is already a fact that is producing and will have grave consequences on climate, the atmosphere including the accelerated melting of ice sheets, glaciers and snows at worldwide high peaks. The free water finally accumulates in the sea and could in the next 45 years raise sea level enough to flood coastal cities in low and delta rivers. It would also drastically alter international agricultural production and exchange systems.

Developed countries like America, Europe and China are responsible for the majority of these emissions, and the risk of over-emission is still growing. As a result, the natural climate balance has altered, and the environment adjusted by a warming of the earth's surface. We can already see the effects of climate change. That is why we need to mobilise and act. Everyone concerned: elected leaders, technical experts, citizens are trying to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adapt to the changes already under way.

The primary reason for climate change is a global increase in energy consumption, as well as industrial activity, transport, agriculture...

How To Achieve Success In Your Life | AIB

Honestly, a lot of people who are called successful people are those who have great wealth. Many people also say that the success is becoming the famous person, with that you can be happy yourself, family, parents, spouses, or friends.

We all want to be successful in life and yet many people stay only dreaming and do not succeed. Achieving success means reaching the goals and objectives proposed no matter if these ambitious or not. Although it is not possible to guarantee that any person can be successful, there are indeed ways to increase the chances of success in life.

Let's begin with some aspects related to the success that you must know.In my view, the proper definition of success is to achieve what we desire. It can be a desirable goals or targets.

Decide what exactly your goals in your life, pick a strategy that allows you to get closer to what you want to achieve, it is important because many people do not know what they want and therefore do not accomplish anything meaningful. Divide your goals into smaller parts, so that it is simple to go for each of those purposes than to face the challenge of a big one. So, implementing the practice "divide and conquer" will help to simplify the process. You will not even notice when you will already be enjoying your achievements.

It is also important that you should visualise the effort that you must make to achieve success, realise that everything you fight for, you have already accomplished and try to imitate yourself in that successful you. Consider it or not, the root for success is skill; it can be gain through education or training. Meanwhile, it gives the ability to manage us and others.

Success won't come easily you must fight for it when you see the situation becomes more complicated. It is when we see dark before light, do not give up your effort to reach the proposed place, and above all, Never accuse anyone of your failures, take charge of your life. You must fight against yourself to improve at all times, do not stop when you achieve your tasks, continue with the task of becoming great.

Of course, success is not the end, share with the people you love and double your success. The success that you must strive, among others active in the home environment, in cooperation with colleagues, have lots of friends, charity towards those who are unable to, comply with organisations, and sympathise orphans.

Honestly, a lot of people who are called successful people are those who have great wealth. Many people also say that the success is bec...

Android O: Developer Preview is available for download - AIB

A lot of Android users yet to receive nougat update but Google has already released a developer preview of Android O. But what exactly does Google provide for us with Android "O"? We review the innovations mentioned by Google so far.

One of the first new features mentioned on the Android Developers blog is named Background Limits. It helps improvement in the battery life without changing performance. Changes can do through automatic limitations that had incorporated into Android "O", which clearly limits what applications can do in the background. The limits divided into three phases: "implicit broadcasts", background services, and location updates. These changes will make it easier to design apps that are more energy-efficient.

Android "O" also provides notification channels that introduce new app-defined notification categories. With the help of the channels, users can fine-tune what type of notifications they want to receive - and which ones are not. Users can change or block various app behaviours.

For password managers like Lastpass and others, there will finally be "Autofill APIs" - i.e., interfaces - for the automatic filling of text fields. This feature necessarily required at OS level.

Android gets a "Picture-in-Picture" (PiP) feature. For example, when you are watching a Youtube video, you can look at Google Maps too. This feature has already introduced in the Android 7.0 Nougat for Android TV, also comes with Android "O" on smartphones and tablets.

Also, Android "O" still has various other features that have not disclosed. Among other things, Adaptive icons are impressive and improvements to API MediaRecorder. Although not mentioned in detail what brought those features, it has been able to give us some idea as to what will Android O. Of course; we have to wait until the event Google I / O in progress to see what Android OS "O" fact.

What should the 'O' in Android O stand for, Maybe Oreo we don't know that yet.The developer preview of Android "O" - we can be sure it will be the version of Android 8.0 - is now available for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C for installation. Unlike the open beta versions, the software mainly designed for developers who want to adapt their apps to the new version and familiarise themselves with the new features. Developers can download from Google and flash on their devices.

A lot of Android users yet to receive nougat update but Google has already released a developer preview of Android O. But what exactly d...

Super Mario Run: Android version arrives this week | AIB

The news will delight all Mario fans, the Nintendo of America website announced last night that Super Mario Run would land next week on Android from March 23rd.

Nintendo will finally be able to touch the whole world with its game Super Mario Run until now the title held on iOS by a private agreement that tied Apple and the Nippon group. We all remember the September Keynote when the game was presented at the same time as the presentation of the iPhone 7.

Super Mario Run available on Android platform from March 23, 2017 

The title was finally released a few months later, in December and until then, it was primarily the terminals running iOS that could benefit, but this time is about to be over. The title should make a huge bounce in the days ahead regarding downloads, with its arrival on the Play Store.

Nintendo of America has issued a message on its blog regarding the launch of the Android version of Super Mario Run on March 23, and this is precisely the second of the game. The members On Android will benefit directly from all the updates and all the new features of the title.

Super Mario Run: average sales for Nintendo!

The Super Mario Run game has been downloaded 50 million times in 7 days on the iOS operating system, but only about 4% of the games downloaded by the players would have been converted into purchases, resulting in weak sales and a small figure of Business of approximately $ 18 million.

At the beginning of January 2017, 90 million downloads are recorded, including 3.4% of purchases, generating Nintendo for no less than 30 million dollars in revenue. The Kyoto firm is counting heavily on the arrival of its application on Android to produce a higher turnover.

Now, this version is taking advantage of the latest updates and new features! 

Nintendo of America did not acknowledge whether it was a global launch, as Super Mario Run is present in 151 countries, does a launch in the USA first, then in successive waves in the rest of the world. The site of the mark defines that the game will be available in almost all countries, but again: from the launch?

We will have to wait until the 23rd to find out, where to hope that an official release clarifies this information. This version of Super Mario Run should offer for free, with in-app purchases. If you want to be one of the first to play with your favourite plumber, Nintendo allows users to sign up via email as soon as the game launched on the Play Store.

Super Mario Run Gameplay Video

The news will delight all Mario fans, the Nintendo of America website announced last night that Super Mario Run would land next week on ...

Ten Healthy Refreshing Drinks For Summer - AIB

Summer is heating up! The hot season brings us sweat and ensures that our body loses a lot of fluid. Therefore, it is important, particularly on hot and humid days, to return this fluid to the flow: water helps the organs to control the body temperature and protect it from excessive heat by sun and temperature.

In summer heat keeps raising things we need to follow to beat the heat:

Drink Sufficient Water - an adult requires a liquid feed of at least 1.5 to 2 litres per day. The warmer it is, the greater the need: hence adjust the drinking quantity according to the outside temperature! The same applies in the case of severe physical activities or sporting events: here, too, the fluid demand is higher than normal due to increased sweating.

Drink Often - the optimal drink should distribute over small portions. The body can not optimally utilise a single large amount of fluid. Drink often and little as once and much! So that you do not forget to drink, so you "educate" yourself almost to the regular drinking and does not come into the situation to remember the drinking for a long time.

Drinking Properly - sugar and caffeine-containing beverages or alcohol are taboo and should be avoided especially on hot days. The reason is that they contribute a very little fluid to the supply of the organs due to their sugar content - and, on the contrary, provide even more thirst. Alcohol also removes fluid from the body and interferes with the water balance. That's why water is especially suitable for supplying the necessary liquid to the circulation.

Too much water is just as harmful as too little water: significant amounts of fluid are a source of heart and kidneys and can leak valuable mineral and trace elements correctly.

If you have much difficulty by drinking, you can also rely on food with a high water and mineral content: tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and strawberries are excellent for balancing the fluid balance and for filling the reserves lost by sweating.

The tastes and variety of the fruits become the perfect aspect and what better than to take valuable fruit drinks? They help us start our day with lots of energy or enjoy a mid-afternoon under the shade with something refreshing in our hands.

You can do it yourself! You just need a little creativity, desire and visit your favourite supermarket. If you ask yourself why you are healthy, here is the answer: they are energetic, they help the memory, you are satisfied or to detoxify you. Enjoy!

Top Ten Summer Drinks! Fruity, sweet, sour, and sparkling: cool summer drinks for every occasion.

1) Fresh Iced Tea!
One teaspoon dried herbs of your choice with boiling water. Pull and then allow to cool. Add the juice of a squeezed lemon, sweet with sweetener or honey and fill it with ice cubes.

2) Water Melon Juice!

Cut watermelon into small pieces (remove the seeds) and place in a large bowl; Pour everything with 1 litre of cold mineral water and sweeten with sweetener or honey. Add ice cubes, briefly let through and enjoy.

3) Pina Colada Shake!

Add 500 ml of coconut milk and 250 grams of pineapple or orange to a blender or smoothie maker. Mix creamy and if necessary sweet. Place ice cubes in glasses and pour in with the shake; Garnish with coconut chips.

4) Strawberry Smoothie!

500 grams of fresh or frozen strawberries in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of natural yoghurt and a handful of ice cubes; To taste with honey or sweet sweetener. Mix thoroughly with the Pourierstab and spread over glasses. If the smoothie is too firm, dilute with cold mineral water.

5) Fresh Lemon Lemonade!

Press three whole lemons and put the juice into a large container. Season with honey, sweetener or brown sugar and fill with one litre of cold mineral water. Add ginger to taste - but please use only small pieces, as ginger is delightful!

6) Carrot and Orange Mocktail!

Two oranges and one small grapefruit. Add 200 ml of carrot juice and 4 tbsp. Add some rapeseed oil and mix thoroughly with a blender in a big container. If the carrot flavour is too dominant, a banana can also be added. If the consistency is too high, dilute with cold mineral water.

7) Red Apple Juice!

Cut two large sweet apples and a small red cabbage into coarse pieces (core apples). Place both in a juicer and spread on glasses. Mix with little vinegar and ice cubes and consume cold.

8) Children's Mojito!

Cut juicy limes into two pieces (before hot wash off) and put into a glass with three tsp. Of brown sugar. Use a mortar to beat the limes and the sugar and spread it over two tall glasses. Fill with crushed ice cubes and pour the glass to the rim with ginger.

9) Lemongrass Ice Tea Mix!

Some stems of lemongrass with boiling water and let it pass through. Allow to cool, season with lemon juice, honey or sweetener and spread with ice cubes in glasses.

10) Sunbeams Shake! (Mother's Recipe)

This recipe is meant for a larger amount of juice: eight carrots, three apples and three sticks of celery peel and cut into rough pieces. Together with half a bunch of parsley in a juice press and catch the juice. Pour two tsp of barley grass juice powder and serve with ice cubes.

Summer is heating up! The hot season brings us sweat and ensures that our body loses a lot of fluid. Therefore, it is important, particul...

Life Is Strange Unplugged Opinion | AIB

The teenager is naturally nervous. And not for less, with so many changes in their body and its environment. However, anxiety must always remain within limits, so as not to interfere in a negative way in the life of the adolescent. The greater anxiety, for example, worse academic results.

Youngsters with high levels of anxiety are often insecure, perfectionists, with a great need to receive the approval of others to ensure the quality of what they do. They trust little in themselves, they are afraid of any situation, and they require the adult's constant presence to face their fears.

Life is strange is the sort of game that gets you psychological help line, I just say, the game is very impressive, with chaos theory, time travel and teen drama, yes, my kind of game.

Life is strange video game created by Studio Dontnod, distributed by Square Enix. It's the story of Max Caufield, a photography student at the Blackwell Academy, who is apparently the most talented in the room and the least attractive and selfless. Max discovers that she can rewind time (that's what you'll play).

Max saves her old friend Chloe from being killed at gunpoint in the bathroom (and not the Bronx) with the new power she has just discovered. The pair soon finds themselves exposed to the darker side of Arcadia Bay as they uncover the disturbing truth behind the sudden disappearance of a fellow student. Meanwhile, Max begins to have premonitions as she struggles to understand the implications of her power. She must quickly learn that changing the past can sometimes to lead to a devastating future.

The video game consists of five episodes; the one is free, so you get hooked, that's what happened to me, it's not just time travel, you also have to decide what Max will do with situations that arise in the future. The gameplay is to judge and assume the consequences, return if this is the case, and continue with the teenage drama.

Here we will face bullying, suicides, viral videos, drugs, disappearances of people. I guess that's why it gives you the helpline.

It's an interesting story, that lets you be a part of it. Nothing is free, the mere fact of taking a photo will have consequences in the future.

It's not open world, so you spend days each episode lasts about two hours, and in its moment, when it came out each episode took time two months I think for the next event, but that was in 2015, and now you get the complete game at free of cost.

It is advisable; sometimes we think that we would like to play it back with other decisions to see what would happen.
Celebrate Everyday Heroes Standing Up Against Bullying!

The teenager is naturally nervous. And not for less, with so many changes in their body and its environment. However, anxiety must alway...

Moto G5 Plus - All You Need To Know | AIB

What do people crave in a smartphone? High quality without breaking the bank, with the bells and whistles that make for a premium device and experience. But do you get that on your phone? Why do you have to compromise to get that great looking phone that doesn’t perform or that one outstanding feature while everything else lets you down?

Uncompromising on style, performance and premium experiences with our fifth-generation Moto G5 Plus, the first smartphone with a  head-turning, metal design that seems as excellent as it performs.

The Moto G5 Plus flaunts a combination of advanced features and premium design. Fast processors, great battery life, fast charging, fingerprint reader, and excellent camera highlights all covered up in one device at an affordable price. A fantastic combination, because differently is better.

Get a premium look with metal design

Replace the old phones now with the first ever Moto G series phone that boasts a premium looking durable metal casing in a high-grade aluminium finish. The new 2017 Moto G5 Plus design language is inspired by the premium Moto Z family and comes with a high-grade aluminium finish that’s been crystal cut and bead-blasted to perfection. The device comes with a 13.2cm (5.2) screen in full HD with 1080p and Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.  

Most advanced camera in its class

Moto G5 Plus will bring out the photographer in you by granting you the most advanced camera. Emphasising a flagship level camera sensor with Dual Autofocus Pixels, the Moto G5 Plus allows you to lock onto your target in the blink of an eye, so you never miss a shot. This 12 MP camera with a circular Saturn ring design takes beautiful photos even on dark, cloudy days. The large aperture f/1.7 and bigger pixels combine to let in up to 25% more light than the previous generation Moto G4 Plus.

Refined camera software with beautification mode

Moto G5 Plus comes with the landscaping mode which allows the user to enhance selfies by smoothing the skin to reduce scars or wrinkles.

Perfect photographs ruined by people with closed eyes? The camera software in Moto G Plus includes our signature “Best Shot” feature which captures various shots before and after the screen is touched, analysing the issues like blurred subjects or blinking eyes, before suggesting the best image to keep. Further, the camera also features the expert mode allows adjustment of various aspects like focus, white balance, shutter, ISO & exposure coverage making it a treat for photography lovers. 

Never Slow Down

You would want your device to be a one stop shop for all your needs. Ensuring speed allows you to run various apps is important. The Moto G5 Plus runs on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 625 processor with a 2.0 GHz octa-core CPU, 650 MHz Adreno 506 GPU ensuring the content runs efficiently.

Long lasting battery

With an all-day** 3,000 mAh battery, you can go from a whole day without the need to charge. When it’s time to charge, never slow down and fuel up fast with TurboPower™ charging -- up to six hours of battery life in just 15 minutes**. Rest assured that Moto G5 Plus can keep up with your busiest days.

Fast fingerprint reader

Maintaining the information on your phone secure is vital but remembering PINs and passwords can be a strain. With the Moto G5 Plus, there will be no trouble of regularly changing pins and passwords for privacy and having to memorise a new one every time. Moto G5 Plus fingerprint reader makes it so much more handy to keep your content safe. Also, motions and gestures can be used to activate features giving its immense consumer ease of use.

Moto G5 Plus also combines Moto Actions and a new experience: One Button Nav, which lets you quickly navigate through screens using the fingerprint reader.  Moto G5 Plus is NFC enabled, so you’ll be able to use it to make mobile payments where it supports. At participating stores, all you’ll need to do is keep your phone near an NFC terminal and use your fingerprint. It’s fast and easy—and there’s no need to carry cards or cash.

Pricing & Availability

Moto G5 Plus is exclusive at Flipkart at INR 14,999 for for 3GB RAM+ 16GB Storage  and INR 16,999 for 4GB RAM + 32GB storage configurations.

What do people crave in a smartphone? High quality without breaking the bank, with the bells and whistles that make for a premium device...

How to Stay Healthy and Active During Summer Vacation - AIB

Summer is a good time for vacations with our family before that we must make sure to maintain healthy habits that help us to spend a good holiday without troubles. Our body has a thermo-regulation system by which our body temperature does not change with the ambient temperature. When it is scorching, our body needs a greater effort to adapt to keep that temperature constant.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid getting upset in the summer.

Body Hydration!

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, especially if you are exposed to the sun and avoid alcoholic beverages as they cause dehydration. A bath or shower can quickly and efficiently relieve the heat.

Protection from the Sun!

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage: sunburn, spotting, freckles, or, in more severe cases. They can also cause damage to the eyes if they are not protected. Some precautions are essential: Do not expose yourself to the sun in the middle hours of the day, when the sun's rays fall with greater intensity. Uses face and body creams with high sun protection index, applying it half an hour before sun exposure and renewing it frequently. Do not forget to protect your eyes with quality glasses that block the excessive impact of the sun on the eyes. A good alternative is sheltering from the sun is a hat or under an umbrella.

Hygiene Food!

At this time of year, we must intensify preventive measures to avoid food poisoning. During the summer, we should rely more on raw foods and the same way the heat favours the increase of germs in food. Both fruits and water these days are perfect hydration. Try to make the time between preparation and consumption of the food as minimal as possible, especially if it contains an egg.

Beware of Bites!

In summer insect stings multiply. To prevent them avoid colourful clothing and perfumes when you plan outings to the field or pool use the repellent lotions. If you go to a place where there is a risk of stings, take some cream with antihistamines with you to relieve the itching. Exfoliation is a good ally of your skin which activates the circulation, softens it and, most importantly, promotes the regeneration of new cells, which strengthens the skin and provides elasticity. Also, the smoother the epidermis, the more uniform the tan.

Caution when travelling by Road! 

In the summer lot of traffic jams and accidents will be on rise. Children are the most vulnerable. Check the seat belt before driving and do not exceed the fixed speed limits. Rest every two hours if the trip is long and have a cube or bag on hand in case the children get dizzy.

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Sony will bring PS4 games to your PC via PlayStation Now | AIB

PlayStation Now, the subscription service that lets you stream PS3 games to your PS4 and Windows PC, will be extended this same year with titles of PS4, that can be fulfilled with a single subscription in PS4 and PCs with Windows system.

PlayStation Now, currently offers 450 plus PS3 video games but none of the PS4. Despite the fact that Sony has not revealed any titles so far that will add to the service, I thoughtfully review that catalogue of video games exclusive to PS4, and it makes me "mouth water" thinking about playing them on a PC.

The service will be launched in the coming weeks in private beta, through an invitation that Sony will transfer to new customers of PS Now. If you want to try the service, Sony offers a free 7-day trial. After that, you can enjoy at $19.99 a month.

PS4 game streaming on PlayStation Now works the same as it did on PS3, supporting users to beam a game right to their machine without any need to buy the disc or digital download that sucks up their hard drive space. PlayStation Now cloud save helps users to continue without losing any game progress.

Although PlayStation Now is still not an adequate service, has paved the way for a future in which video game streaming wants to become the king of the distribution of content, as is happening with the Music and video.

The video game has its problems and needs to fix too much in performance, although companies according to NVIDIA with the video game service on demand, GeForce Now, guarantees to propose the ability to operate video games from the cloud, even from low-level PC hardware.The basis of its operation is the same. NVIDIA runs video games on their servers and transmits them to local machines via streaming. That way, you can enjoy a video game regardless of the level of the equipment.

Playstation rival Microsoft also works on it. Although it is not a streaming service, the new Xbox Game Pass, a service that allows playing more than 100 video games for a flat rate of 10.58 US Dollar per month, insists the changes in the level of distribution of games. The same thing as Xbox Play Anywhere, a new Microsoft initiative that unites the world of consoles and the PC.

PlayStation Now, the subscription service that lets you stream PS3 games to your PS4 and Windows PC, will be extended this same year wit...