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NASA's Lightest Satellite, Built by 18-year-old Student | AIB

Rifath Sharook, an 18-year-old from Tamil Nadu is on the verge of creating history if everything goes as planned, in June he will become...

GST Council fixes 4-tier Tax Slab for Goods & Services | AIB

GST (Goods And Sevices Tax) is the newly imposed system of indirect taxation in India that will abolish all indirect taxes levied on go...

Six Yoga Poses To Combat Insomnia For Sound Sleep | AIB

When people suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep (due mostly to the stress and anxiety that our lifestyle causes), man...

Google Introduces Android Go, Super-Light OS For Low-End Phones | AIB

Back in 2014, Google made the first bid to overcome emerging markets with Android One, a light version of its mobile operating system. N...

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Released Ahead of Console Version | AIB

Dc Comic's fighting game, Injustice 2 has just arrived on mobile ahead of the console version, which is free-to-play summarizes all ...

Why Is Mother's Day Celebrated? | AIB

Our mother is, surely, the most important being in our lives, she is responsible for taking care of us every day, to feed us, to get up ...

Why DC's 'Wonder Woman' Movie Is So Important? | AIB

DC is creating their superhero universe that takes everything to another level to compete with Marvel. Since both 'Batman vs. Super...

Elbow Lets You Play All Your Old School Cassettes | AIB

The new technology always overshadows old ones in an industry that craves new things, some of them will get lost forever. But now some...